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Meek's Cutoff

Meek's Cutoff (2011)

April. 08,2011
| Western

Set in 1845, this drama follows a group of settlers as they embark on a punishing journey along the Oregon Trail. When their guide leads them astray, the expedition is forced to contend with the unforgiving conditions of the high plain desert.


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The movie goes from nowhere to nowhere. Everything is very dragged and no character has a clearly identified profile or psychology. When the movie ends you think "Hey, that's it?!?". Although some people think it's a work of art, I think it boring. There is much monotony and nothing, absolutely nothing, excites. The vote of praise stands for a part of the photograph, with very beautiful images in some takes, but that's all.


I said it all in my summary. Unfortunately, I have to write ten lines of text to have a bona fide review. That's more lines than the characters had in the movie. I'm sure walking to Oregon was really boring. At least the director brought that out in the movie. You have to give him credit for doing it in a creative way. I'd rather walk to Oregon than watch this movie again. While I was a bit annoyed that it just ended without any resolution, in retrospect, I'm just glad it ended. If only that Indian had put the settlers out of their misery at the end. At least then it would have had an interesting ending. I mean, an ending.

Al Maki

It seems to me to be a story about a woman in the nineteenth century coming into a position of authority. At the beginning of the movie the women stand apart while the men make the decisions out of earshot. In the final scene the Michelle William's character realizes that the responsibility in a life and death decision has become hers and she cannot be sure she is right until she has committed the lives of the entire party. The situation has evolved at a pace much as it would in real life. I found it fascinating and the movie is beautiful. The pace is hard to take and so is the sound but they both make sense in terms of what the movie is doing.


We were very disappointed in this movie.It begins and ends without fanfare. Cinematography was excellent, we are familiar with high desert areas traveled in this movie. But the plot is pedantic, the major crisis is resolved (after fade to black).We recognized several of the actors and generally enjoy their work. I wondered how the water in the barrels could remain so clean after their days/weeks of traveling.I realized how I've changed over time. Younger I might have thought how some things might have been so cool to take part. Now I look at scenes and think, "Glad I wasn't there".