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Boys (2014)

October. 23,2014
| Drama

Two teen track stars discover first love as they train for the biggest relay race of their young lives.


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This is one of the best films I have ever seen and my favorite LGBT one. I watched this movie while surfing Netflix and fell in love with it quickly. I woke up the next morning with memories of the film on my mind. I watched it again the next night. I have not had a movie move me so powerfully before watching Jongens. It left a strange combination of melancholy and beauty with me. I thought of it often throughout the day. Why? Everything about the film works. The cinematography is exceptional. The filming locations were great choices and all of the scenes have a certain pristine feel, echoing the feeling of young love between the characters. The actors deliver heartfelt performances, creating a very genuine feel to the film. The subtlest expressions on their faces show what the characters are feeling. The story line is also very good - Sieger grapples with his sexuality and you can see him trying to accept himself for who he is. In addition, he is stuck in situations socially and at home. The cherry on top is the soundtrack. The audio is mesmerizing and adds to the overall feeling of the film. To conclude, Jongens is a beautifully crafted, incredible, haunting tale of love. This is a must-watch for everyone.


Hi Guys, please try and see "Jongens" / Boys, one of the best "coming out" films ever, please do not be put off by the subtitles! The direction, acting and music are superb, enjoy every minute and be happy.. The story is simple, but the two lead actors are amazing, cannot believe I have not seen them in previous films, they have such great futures ahead of them!!! What a relieve to see that it is not just another "sub-par, sordid, waiting for the ever elusive sex scene to arrive" movie This movie makes u forget all that nonsense, you are drawn in from the first second, and it never lets go, only complaint is the short running time, at 80 minutes only you will be crying for some more I can go on and on, but watching the scene 30 minutes into the film makes life worth living...


I very carefully did NOT put spoilers in this review, although I wanted to, but I checked the spoiler alert anyway because some reader might be able to guess the ending just from my attitude. If you're extremely sensitive, don't read any farther. Otherwise, you're very welcome to spend a few minutes in my world.Obviously others who have seen this movie enjoyed it. I found it almost unbearably frustrating.It's yet another coming out movie, which is bad enough, with all the standard violence, homophobia, angst, blown opportunities and cowardly betrayals of the one who least deserves it. It got to be too much - way, WAY too much.One screw-up after another after another, relentlessly, endlessly, as if the comer-out was trying very, very hard to do absolutely EVERYTHING as badly as possible. After what seemed like five hours of the same crap I wanted to punch the jerk myself.No gay person in real life can be that stupid AND that afraid AND that cowardly AND that selfish. Gay men are stronger than straight men are, not weaker - we HAVE to be! - and persisting in making movies that make us look like self-centered cowards is inexcusable. If there actually are gay males like that lurking somewhere in the Netherlands countryside, their despicable behavior should not be celebrated on film.But what makes this movie even worse than the typical coming-out movie is its infuriating ending, about which I will say no more. I hated it. I checked two stars, but I realize it doesn't deserve even one.

Vu Chu

This beautiful tender coming-of-age movie was very well made. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the very end. It was so lovely. Fantastic acting and great story line. Best of all is that it has a very happy ending.The love shared between Sieger and Marc takes courage. Young first love that is only beautiful. It is something that we all can related too I imagine with our first love whether we are gay or straight. Those days and innocent memories are like living in a cocoon of sweet dreams, that was what the director and the actors were able to fully convey with this wonderful movie. Thank you a million times over for making this.