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An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls (2015)

September. 13,2015
| Drama Thriller Crime Mystery

Northern England, 1912. The dinner of a wealthy family is interrupted by Inspector Goole, who only announces that a young woman has committed suicide. Then, he simply asks everyone present, one by one, if they knew her.


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Rick Lynch

Good mystery, well acted. A stylishly captivating period piece.


I had no idea about this film nor what to expect other than I love British movies and the lead actor, David Thewlis. The plot is spellbinding & holds you to every moment. Each actor is brilliant in character. Such a pleasure to see a totally different type of movie instead of these huge epics. Bravo!


This film has nothing going for it. The performances from all of them were at the most average. They felt blunt and not human. Each scene seemed to drag on way too much,I found myself checking the time every 10 minutes. Not a single aspect of the film was above average. It was boring and didn't handle Eva Smiths death emotionally and seemed forced so I wasn't affected by it. There's no point trying to watch an hour and a half talking simulator.

Reno Rangan

Just a month ago I saw 'Maigret Sets a Trap', and this is another terrific BBC film. Based on the JB Priestley's play of the same name made for television. I never saw other versions nor I knew the story, so that's the reason I loved it. I don't know the difference, the changes between this and the original material, but I think a screenplay like this should have been a big screen product. Surely one of the best films of the year with a great suspense and twists.I expected a crime solving drama, like a detective use his brainpower to nab a suspect in a style, but this was complete an unexpected narration with various angles of briefing involving a family and their individual link to a woman. This is a story about the chain of events that could happen for us in real life. But what this film's specialty is that makes realise for its characters that how their part influenced a woman's life.It's the year 1912, during a wealthy Birling family celebrating their daughter's engagement, a mysterious inspector interrupts them to question on a woman who committed suicide on that evening. In the hours long interview, some unexpected truth comes out and corners the family from their celebration. With the outcome of a surprise encounter with the inspector, how the family outcome from it is what the rest of the film was focused on."We don't live alone upon this earth. We are responsible for each other."I don't know the most of the actors, but their performances were simply outstanding. Not just leaned on one or two, but everyone had their turn fairly equal. The character played by David Thewlis as Goole was effortless, but very important among others in the film, so it is impossible moving away without praising his contribution. Among all, the young woman role as well very impressive. Alongside JB Priestley, this screenwriter, as well as the director must be appreciated for their incredible job.The film was a one night based narration, but due to the quick flashbacks, the layers formed, hence creates a lot of curiosity for the viewers. Being a detective film, it had those special moments, but with its own style. It reminds me a couple of films, but I can't name them, because of the spoiler alert. Even though this is a very unique from its similar films.Obviously it leaves many questions regarding the last 10-15 minutes of the film. But the reasons are very clear, and you might get it in the second viewing, or maybe from the discussion boards on the online platforms. I strongly suggest that you to learn more about it on its hidden stuffs rather simply finished watching it and forgetting it forever. Like always, the BBC did not disappoint me or maybe I always chose the better ones. Either way I benefited and I recommend this for those who are interested in murder mysteries, though it is not a homicide theme. I hope you will love it as I did.8.5/10