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Winter Break

Winter Break (2003)

March. 22,2003
| Drama Comedy

Viscerally experience a "year off" in Aspen, Colorado with a group of recent college grads who have elected to defer graduate school and career opportunities to ski, snow-board, climb, party, fall in love and basically live life to its absolute fullest out in this spectacular mountain town.


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Matt Raymand (a solid and likable performance by Milo Ventimiglia) has trouble finding a good job after graduating from college. Matt decides to spend the winter in Aspen, Colorado with his college buddies. While in Aspen Matt meets and falls in love with the sweet Michelle Casper (an appealing portrayal by Maggie Lawson). This in turn forces Matt to choose between money and a career or following what his heart tells him to do. Writer/director Marvi Banack relates the enjoyably breezy story at a swift pace and maintains an amiable easygoing tone throughout. The engaging main characters display a winningly loose and natural chemistry. The central romance is handled in a smart and straightforward manner without ever degenerating into sappy mush. Moreover, there's a real good-natured sensibility at work in this picture which gives it a substantial dose of sunny charm. It's also acted with considerable zest by a personable cast: Eddie Kaye Thomas as hapless doofus Peter Rothner, Eddie Mills as smooth ladies man Carter Boyd, Justin Ulrich as rowdy party animal Tyler Woods, Rachel Wilson as the brash Kirsten Benston, George Lazenby as friendly old-timer Campbell Grady, and Victor Alfieri as arrogant jerk Vito Ubrissio. The bouncy soundtrack and cool rocking score by Michael Stearns and Christopher Hoag keep things bubbling along. George Mooradian's slick cinematography provides an attractive sparkling look. A pleasant romp.

Amy Adler

Matt has a Wall Street job waiting for him. This is a good thing because he has a quarter of a million dollars of school debt to begin paying off. Unfortunately, the company merges with another one and, before he even gets to start, Matt is let loose. His college roommates are going to go to Aspen for a year of skiing, low paying jobs, goofing off, and scouting women. Matt, in his despair, decides to join them. It is there that he meets the beautiful Michelle, a young ski instructor. But, horrors! She has a bonafide Wall Street boyfriend and only wants to be pals with Matt. Will Matt be able to find a new path, in life and in love? This is not a bad movie. The principal actors are not picture postcard pretty and that makes them more interesting. The script is typical male humor, mostly, but has some intelligent moments. The Aspen setting is, naturally, quite lovely, a true bonus for all viewers. If you like a storyline of romance and finding oneself among newly graduated college students, you will like this movie. It has a boys will be boys undertow, but hits all the right marks when push comes to shove.


snow job is what it was called when i saw it looks like another gross out/sex comedy but is actually a much superior comedy with a great story,great acting and likable characters in a way id like a sequel and in a way i don't because this movie is great in that it tells and ends the story sure id love to see the characters back but it would have to be a great story they can't use a wedding{you know why} but as the movie stands it's funny without being offensive it's a sweet movie and the women are treated with respect and the romance and chemistry between the leads is amazing. if ever a film should of went to cinema this is it.

Tonci Pivac

This was a nice peace of work, i enjoyed this movie, it was well casted, I Noticed that 1 time james bond star George Lazenby made an apperance, its good to see him still making movies. I strongly recommend this film.8 out of 10.