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Death Clique

Death Clique (2014)

April. 12,2014
| Drama Thriller TV Movie

Inspired by true events, a friendship rivalry between three high school girls escalates into a shocking act of violence, and soon one of them is dead. Now the dead girl's mom is determined to find her missing child... and get justice for her daughter.


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This has got to be a sad film based on a true story. It doesn't mean that everything in the film is exactly the same as true life events but there were some changes made. School is rife with friendships and bullies. Here there was no bullying, it was friends and the girl's own friends who did the murder. The true story is much more complex but the film itself focuses on the two BFF's and the arrival of a new girl. The new girl Ashley breaks apart the besties by choosing to befriend one of them and isolating the other. Also making her new friend not go on a date with this boy. The actress playing Ashley comes across as a very evil teenager who abuses her mother at home. As the film was based on a true story, it could've been told better with more realness, such as both girls plotting and planning to kill their friend. It made only Ashley the cold blooded killer while the other girl was reluctant. The only message in the film is not to trust your friends and don't sneak out at night without notifying your parents. The film could've added more updates on the outcome of the murderess' trials and the Skylar Law put into place because of this.


As most of you probably know, this movie is based on the real life murder of Neese by her " best friends" . As such, it's no surprise he hat the main character lama ends up dying. Now a lot of people this movie is disrespectful towards the tragedy by adding details to the characters and changing events . It's only natural a few changes would have been made in order to make an effective movie.What I liked most about death clique was how amazing of a villain Ashley was. She's cruel heartless and manipulative. She doesn't have some kind of tragic backstory in a failed attempt to make her sympathetic like some other LMN movie villains. She's everything I look for in a villain and her actress did a phenomenal job.For fans of LMN movies or thrillers in general, please watch this movie. The character interactions are really solid which makes the drama all the more better.


This movie did not accurately or fairly represent the Skylar Neese story at all! I feel very sad for the family. Another movie should be made!Maybe if I weren't familiar with the real story I would have liked it better. The story on Dateline NBC was definitely better than this movie. This movie did not indicate it was based on a true story and I can see why.The real story is much more interesting. I really encourage you to research the real story...especially after you see the movie, so you can see what I am referring to. Even the Jodi Arias movie was more accurate to the truth and that movie was made in a really short time.


Very good film where a girl moves into a town with her welfare collecting mother who is always drunk. The girl is manipulative, vicious and quite disturbed at that.She soon becomes friends with two other girls from their local high school. Jealous of their friendship, she turns one girl against the other and lures one of the girls to her death and then makes sure to make it appear that the friend was the killer.Amazing that the alcoholic mother soon woke up and realized what was going on as well as the victim's mother. The film also shows how the mother of the dead girl never believed that her daughter's friend from grade 6 was the killer.Film proves that there has to be more of a trusting relationship among parents and their children. After all, the murder victim was good, but upset with the thought of her father being transferred and moving to another state. Our murderer came from a dysfunctional house but took advantage of the situation to rule over her mother at will. The framed girl came from a home where the father was moving in with his girlfriend and the mother was non-existent.