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Cheese Burglar

Cheese Burglar (1946)

February. 21,1946
| Animation Comedy

While cats and dogs are natural enemies, such is not the case in the house where Herman the mouse lives. They are very good friends indeed, are work together to make Herman's life a hard life. Herman tries to break up their friendship, and divert their attention from guarding the cheese in the refrigerator, and almost succeeds but they make up in time to prevent Herman getting the cheese. They give chase and Herman takes refuge in a jug of wine.


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Now there is an unusual opening scene: a cat and a dog arm-in-arm and singing about how they will be pals forever. They also have shotguns at their side. It turns out the guns only shoot corks but the two of them use them to pop "Herman," the mouse, who always is stealing cheese out of the refrigerator. However, these guys are great shots and always get their mouse, which means Herman has gone 29 straight days of starvation, according to his calendar.Herman tells the animals: "cats and dogs are natural enemies. You two will kill each other one day." They just laugh at him. Herman tries to make sure the other two animals become paranoid about each other, so they'll leave him alone. The plan sounds good, but these animals aren't as dumb as they look!The ending to this is very unexpected; not what I would have guessed, so the cartoon gets points for originality and well as decent humor. Nothing super, but very watchable.

Robert Reynolds

This short was a marked contrast to much of the later output of the Famous Studios for Paramount, which was hackneyed and trite in comparison. Famous Studio was a pale successor to the Fliescher Studio and couldn't even come close to the "Big Three"-Disney, Warner Brothers and MGM-but this cartoon is actually clever, creative and funny. I want to discuss it in a little detail, so there will be spoilers below:Herman is a mouse and wants cheese-he wants it badly. The only problem is, there is a cat and that cat is best friends with the dog. The upshot is, Herman has to get past both of them to get cheese. His success in this effort can be measured by the fact that he hasn't eaten in 29 days! He decides that his only chance is to make the dog and cat enemies, so that they'll wipe each other out, leaving him a clear and uncontested path to the refrigerator. He tries this by rather crude methods and it briefly looks like he'll succeed, but the cat and dog tumble to his schemes and trick him (the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and all that).They fake a final, mutually fatal, battle and Herman strolls to the refrigerator, only to find he's been tricked. The last part of the short is fairly good and I won't spoil it here, but it is in keeping with the overall mood of the short.Warmer Brothers did similar work and did it better, but this is a very good short, particularly when measured against the later work of the same studio just a few years later. Well worth tracking down and not that hard to find. Most recommended.


Dogs and cats are typically mortal enemies in this variety of cartoon, but "Cheese Burglar" breaks from convention by making them partners as they attempt (armed to the teeth) to do in a troublesome mouse. The animation is top-notch, and the gags genuinely funny. Recommended!

Mr Hector

Well Well Well this movie was bad. Who wants to steal Cheese anyway?? If there was enough people to see this movie and voted on what they thought of it , it would most definetly be the worst movie ever with the exception of Vanilla Sky.