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Ice Angel

Ice Angel (2000)

March. 05,2000
| Fantasy Drama Comedy Family

The film tells the story of Matt, a male hockey player who dies in a game and comes back to life as Sara Bryan, a female figure skater due to an accident made by an angel that caused the hockey player to die. Both share the dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. The male hockey player specified that if he returned to earth, he wanted to have a chance to win an Olympic Gold medal on ice leaving the detail that he wanted to be on the hockey team implied. With time running short Matt has to get skating lessons from Sara's one-time rival if he wishes to earn gold.


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I remember seeing the trailer on TV while it was advertised for Saturday lunch time and I thought it would be an interesting movie to watch it, so I recorded it and watched it later that day. And OMG I loved it so much! I never keep movies I record once I watch them but I kept that thank God because I can't find it anywhere on Video or DVD.I had never seen Nicholle Tom before and I just fell in love with her, she was so great in the movie, she really did play well the frustrated guy inside the girl. Being a guy myself I think this movie is really interesting because it makes you think how would you react if you would be in a girl's body and still had the male mind in everything! Well it made me wondering! And that's what I liked the most about the movie.Includes IMPORTANT Spoiler from this Point:Some other comments about the movie. I believe the cast was great in every role, the only thing I didn't like was the sudden ending without any progressing with Matt/Sarah and his/her ex-G/F and buddy. It was kinda frustrating that we didn't get to see Ray and Danielle talking to Sarah while they both had kind of realized that Sarah was Matt.I never understood this ending however after me and my friend watched it she noticed something I hadn't up until this moment which is very important and kind of explains why they ended the movie with Sarah smiling after her win. While Sarah is starting figure skating in the Final we see Saint Peter and this other Angel sitting together and watch her and then Saint Peter says exactly this: "You know after this performance Sarah will no longer have any memory being Matt" with the angel replying "I'm really gonna miss him". And I think this is why Matt/Sarah didn't get to talk with anyone after, because she wouldn't remember anything anymore from her former life as Matt which means she would continue her life as a normal girl. I don't like this ending but it's the only one I can give. I still hope he/she would get to say at some point to his/her ex-girlfriend that she was Matt..


Comparing it to Heaven can wait, which was made on a major motion picture's budget, at the pace of a feature film (twice as much time to film as a tv movie) is hardly fair.This film is quite nice for a low budget film produced for a cable network. The lead actress was good in her role. Her performance was on a par with Ellen Barkin in Switch, as a friend of mine commented.The pace of the story is good, and the fantasy elements are kept believable by the writing and acting skills. There were some performances that were simplistic, but mostly for secondary performances, not those of the lead characters. The parents did border on being parodies of dumb parents however in a few scenes.Skating scenes were also believable.The film may not be an Oscar winner, but it had heart and soul, and relied on more than cliches to tell the story. (Not that there were no cliches!) But it was a good, enjoyable film I would watch again.


I have seen this movie several times. However, I agree that Nancy Kerrigan should have been featured more, though she had more than a bit part.Tara Lipinski seemed to be more famous, in that she was featured more. Tracy was her role. Tara delivered it quite well. I enjoyed this fantasy film because after the hockey player "died," it returned to become a woman. Does that ever happen in real life? I am not sure. Sometimes we all wish it did.Nicholle Tom played her part of Sarah, excellently. All in all, it was very entertaining and worthwhile to see.

hep kat

I fail to understand why anyone would allow a sub-par director to put drivel like this onto celluloid. This movie has already been made at least two other times that were better than this ("Here Comes Mr. Jordan" - 1941, and "Heaven Can Wait" - 1978). The only saving factor for figure skating fans might have been some nice ice skating done by a professional cast of skaters, but this just does not happen. The closest thing the audience sees to good skating is when Tara Lipinski's character takes a turn on the ice for a just a moment. Others like Nancy Kerrigan and Elvis Stojko are hidden in the background and do not do any figure skating at all. There is not much real emotion shown, and there is not really any reason to tune in to this obviously Made-For-TV Movie. My advice: rent the original.