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The Automatic Hate

The Automatic Hate (2016)

March. 11,2016
| Drama Comedy

When Davis Green's alluring young cousin Alexis appears on his doorstep one night, he discovers that a side of his family has been kept secret from him. Against his father’s wishes, Davis travels to rural, upstate New York to meet his other cousins.


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"Kissin' Cousins" this is not. "The Automatic Hate" takes the almost cutesy incestual premise of the 1960's Elvis musical vehicle and twists it into full force perversion. As off-kilter as it is to consider, what happens between these two long-lost relatives is, given the premise here, anyway, not as unsettling as you may well imagine.Still, this film ends with a lingering, and haunting, uncertainty. Is this taboo relationship merely an impassioned moment in time? Or is it destined to never entirely be left in the past?

Larry Silverstein

I'm sorry to say I found this indie to be rather abysmal. To be honest, I found myself laughing and shaking my head in disbelief at some of the stilted dialogue and contrived plot elements as they unfolded.Joseph Cross stars here as Davis, who is approached by a young woman (Adelaide Clemens) who tells him she's his cousin Alexis and that her father (Ricky Jay) is Davis' uncle. Never knowing that he had any of these relatives, Davis begins to investigate the truth about all of this and starts to uncover a most bitter family feud, decades old, whereby his father (Richard Schiff) and his uncle have despised each other and won't even acknowledge the other's existence.As Davis tries to unravel this mystery, be prepared for more than one incest subplot, often cringe inducing dialogue, and an ending that I found really ridiculous.All in all, although I see other reviewers found merit with the movie, I just couldn't find much to like here at all.


A well done movie about secrets - secrets that can tear families apart and the ripple effects they cause. The script was well-done and the acting was very well done, too. The whole set up keeps one in suspense until the secret is revealed or at least you think that's the secret. The brothers - apparently really book-smart since they both went to ivy league schools - followed very different paths. And their off-springs live radically different kinds of lives - polar opposites, in fact. *Spoiler Alert* The real revelation though is all about forbidden feelings and the lies we tell ourselves. The film leaves you a bit stunned and the ambiguous ending forces you to draw your own conclusions, which film-goers usually don't want. A neat, tied up ending is always desired, but still a good film.


I get to see this movie in a film festival, thinking it was a horror movie. To my surprise it wasn't even the kinda movie I would usually got to see, despite that I still enjoyed it. My boyfriend loved , thought and that's the reason I'm recommending this.It's a drama that revolves around relationships and a mystery, with some light hints of dark (for lack of a better word)humor. Quite captivating.I don't want to give away the plot, since the less you know the more entertaining it is. You need to be a little open minded, since implies a taboo subject. All I can say it's that's indeed a original history, which I think they could have exploit a little bit more.If you like really fast paced, it's not your type of film. But it does flows organically, isn't boring nor feels particularly slow/dense at any point.The acting was good most of the time, and if the protagonists would've been a bit better, this movie would be excellent. After all, the history relies in you believing and empathizing with them.It's an indie drama worth watching if you're looking for something fresh and interesting. And also... you may wanna stay a bit after the credits.