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Nipples & Palm Trees

Nipples & Palm Trees (2012)

January. 01,2012
| Comedy

A down and out journey into a land of raunchy and bizarre sexual encounters. Jackson is a struggling artist with a dead end job and a terrible love life. Lately his loneliness is getting the best of him and he finds himself desiring something more out life. But in the city of Los Angeles, the good girls are few and far between. And what do you do when the prospect of some quick lovin' loses it's appeal?


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This is that no budget sony handicam trash that people over 40 confuse high quality low budget indie movies with. It's utterly unwatchable. I'm sure of the maybe 1,000 people that have watched it, a dozen will claim this art house monstrosity is too intelligent or professional or artistic for others to understand.It's not. It's crap. "Oh look it's my waist and my elbow why I talk. So artsy"Fails to entertain on any level. Of the 226 review it has a 3.6 overall rating at the moment. And 3 super positive reviews before I drop this one. Meaning 222 people hated it so much it wasn't worth their time reviewing. But I didn't want anyone to be mislead by the three reviews of the parents of the actors. So avoid it. Unless you liked generation um and enjoy homemade movies.


I was not sure what to expect when I started to watch this independently made movie. I know from past experience that it is best not to prejudge and to 'tune in' to the experience that the film-maker is trying to create. I was pleasantly surprised as this one exceeded my expectations. This is a quite candid expression of a montage of relationships honestly constructed with multiple social connections that tell an entertaining story in a fascinating a clever manner. It was intriguing, really amusing and in my view takes the audience on a splendid journey, the perfect escape from a cloudy day. It certainly catered for the escapist in me and presents life of its characters in a colourful and insightful way. It is a really original piece of work and justifiably earns its stars.


This is no ordinary movie. At its core, Nipples and Palm Trees is more a slice of life than a complete story; it looks at a specific moment in the life of Jackson, an appropriately tortured artist, played by Matthew James. It follows Jackson as he struggles to focus on his work and reconcile his faltering relationship with Harmony, the girlfriend just out of complete reach.While the situations are at times ludicrous, James holds character throughout. He plays Jackson as a frustrated soul, and to his credit, James seems as real as can be. A nicely nuanced increasing frustration makes one wonder, is Jackson learning a lesson, as he runs around trying to get laid and drinking, or is he de-resonating? Does he yearn for the missing Harmony, or is he haunted by her? Harmony, played with heart by Sadie Katz, is an orbiting phantom of a girlfriend. There's flashbacks and present moments that lead you to believe she's both the savior and source of Jackson's problems. If this review gives you the impression that the movie might be a bit of a mess, trust me, it is. As far as narrative filmmaking goes, this one definitely goes off-script, but within that, the amazing thing is, you actually give a darn about the characters. If you can buy into the unlikely premise of Jackson's misadventures, you'll find the situations funny and there's some laughs, and even if you can't , there's something mesmerizing about the tone. And this movie does something that a lot of films can't; it makes you WANT Jackson and Harmony to be together, rather than assume they will, as so many perfunctory scripts tend to do. The moments between Jackson and Harmony are the meat of the story, though sparse, and an uncomfortable yearning seems to sweeten every look between the two. Credit Director Dylan Reynolds for obviously capitalizing on a natural chemistry between James and Katz, and letting them wander their characters across moments that worked for the film. All in all, if you like watching actors playing with the finer points of performance, you'll find yourself engaged, and the ending will likely both leave you wanting more, and cause you to think about where it could have gone. And that's a pretty good movie.

Chris Mackey (guestar57)

First off, Who names these movies ? My gosh... Very funny vignettes of male lead trying to find true love, Or at least Normal love. Can't get over that title, When you watch the movie, And you should it has girls and romance and funny bits thru out,You will wonder "WHY or Why ?" Did they name it that... Matthew James ( Merl on ANGEL TV series) is very likable and makes sense out of this love-starved artist role and has some good luck in bed too. Sadie Katz (AB Buddy spokesmodel ) has A DEMI MOORE-esque vibe and seems a whole person in character,Not someone off a written page. Jacqui Holland has an uncredited role as a sidewalk pickup, She and her tattoo make some very funny moments early on in film. So, Icky title, Great premise and actors capable of making it almost 'sweet romance'.