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Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker (2018)

February. 06,2018
| Animation Comedy Family

Woody Woodpecker enters a turf war with a big city lawyer wanting to tear down his home in an effort to build a house to flip.


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It was an utter confusion and disappointment. Supposed to be a kids' movie and I found many things wrong here. Actors were sluggish and unemotional, they barely show woody and there are many question marks. Unrealistic with many changes. My kiddo didn't like it at all and I kept waiting for it to get better until I had to switch it off.


Why just why Woody Woodpecker is just one of the best cartoon character was fun to watch back in 1940 but why does Brazil thought this would be a good idea to ruin a cartoon this popular by adding live action elements into it. It's just pointless with it's obnoxious poop jokes where one scene where a guy ate Woody's bird poop I literally threw up in my trashcan that's how this whole movie is it's just trash same thing with the acting seriously kids these days don't post stuff like #EpicDadGrillFail are you kidding me kids today talk stuff like fort-nite and stuff and how you people barley showed no effort into making this film when I first heard of this I thought this was a joke but no it actually happen like the CGI is so bad that Advertisement these days looks cinematic and cool like characters we could interact with in real life like the Super Mario Odyssey ads this movie's CGI looks like it was done by a high school-er and that's not saying much like it's dated to bring cartoons to life we all might as well stop watching bad films like this so they could learn to handle criticism and improve as the years goes by and P.S NEVER TRY TO MAKE ME WATCH THE KIDS WITH HORRIBLE ACTING IN THIS MOVIE EVER AGAIN OR ANY OF YOUR MOVIES!


I have no idea why the writers found it necessary to start the movie with a broken family plot. Rich dad divorces mom and hooks up with younger sex object who needs a "Xanny" at one point. Why?! Dad is forced to take kid along on a vacation which really is dad trying to build a mansion in the forest. I think a key aspect of writing for kids is that the writers have kids. Are we targeting ages 4 - 7? 8 to 10? up to 12 years old (because they won't believe a woodpecker drummed on soup cans to produce Jon Bonham-esque sound).I feel sorry for anyone who had any role in this project, but mostly anyone who decided to watch it.Why? Just why.


I have heard rumors of this movie being out in the open with Universal pictures to be released in theatres. But reluctantly, they put on Netflix and made it a Netflix Exclusive.I thought that this movie was really cool in how it brought the chittering woodpecker to the big screen. I loved the voice acting in this movie along with the dialogue. It really made me feel like a kid again to here that laugh being brought back to the big screen.It really deserves a round of applause for it's family-friendly content and despite the negative reviews for this movie, I highly recommend to give this movie a try during one of your "Netflix and chilling" sessions!