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Season 7

Elite Season 7

October. 20,2023
| Drama Crime Mystery

When three working class kids enroll in the most exclusive school in Spain, the clash between the wealthy and the poor students leads to tragedy.


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Elite Season 7 Full Episode Guide

Episode 8 - I'm Gonna End This Forever
First Aired: October. 20,2023

A new death shocks the students of Las Encinas. Iván makes a last-minute proposal to Joel, while Isadora must decide what to do with her parents.

Episode 7 - Just Hug Me
First Aired: October. 20,2023

Raúl manipulates Sara's revenge to his advantage. Iván’s presence puts Omar and Joel’s relationship in a very confusing place.

Episode 6 - At Rock Bottom
First Aired: October. 20,2023

Isadora makes tough decisions in the family business. Luis' investigation is threatened. Deception leaves Chloe in a vulnerable place.

Episode 5 - The Family
First Aired: October. 20,2023

Sara gets Chloe's help while scheming against Raúl. Omar catches Joel and Iván in an awkward situation. Carmen makes a bold move.

Episode 4 - Semicolon
First Aired: October. 20,2023

Chloe considers opening up to Eric, while Nico is worried about his cousin's behavior. Omar deals with the consequences of his past in Las Encinas.

Episode 3 - Bling-Bling
First Aired: October. 20,2023

Sara throws a steamy glitter party. Family tensions tear Dídac and Isadora apart. Rocío and Eric’s night in the squatters’ house spirals out of control.

Episode 2 - Protocol
First Aired: October. 20,2023

Chloe and Carmen are both obsessed with Iván — but for different reasons. Coach Jessica advises Sara. The mysterious academic director focuses on Dídac.

Episode 1 - Las Encinas
First Aired: October. 20,2023

An old student is tempted to return to Las Encinas as Isadora struggles with her feelings for Dídac. Iván feels lonely — but that might change soon.


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