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Season 4

Banshee Season 4

April. 01,2016
| Drama Crime

Banshee is an American drama television series set in a small town in Pennsylvania Amish country and features an enigmatic ex-con posing as a murdered sheriff who imposes his own brand of justice while also cooking up plans that serve his own interests.


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Banshee Season 4 Full Episode Guide

Episode 8 - Requiem
First Aired: May. 20,2016

Resolved to leave Banshee, Lucas learns that the murder case he thought was finally closed may in fact be opening again. After a tense faceoff with Calvin and the Brotherhood, Proctor looks to finalize his deal with the Colombians. Carrie takes aim at one final act of vengeance. Brock demands allegiance from Bunker as Banshee braces for an uncertain future.

Episode 7 - Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself
First Aired: May. 13,2016

Fearing for Dawson’s safety, Lucas and Brock ramp up their efforts to hunt down Bode. With the Brotherhood poised to go to war with Proctor, Kurt looks to keep Maggie safe while Calvin takes out his frustrations at the office. Job settles a score with Leo Fitzpatrick, a Camp Genoa adversary.

Episode 6 - Only One Way a Dogfight Ends
First Aired: May. 06,2016

With help from Lucas, Dawson narrows her search for Declan Bode, a Satanist “person of interest” in Banshee’s serial murders. An emboldened Calvin throws down a gauntlet to Proctor and Kurt. Carrie’s recent vigilantism ends up putting both her and Deva in peril.

Episode 5 - A Little Late to Grow a Pair
First Aired: April. 29,2016

Calvin is tested by Watts' mercenary partnership with Proctor, whose promise to the Colombians has taken a severe hit after the torching of his factory. Following separate leads in the serial-killer case, Dawson and Lucas converge in a members-only Goth club replete with painful SM initiation rites. Proctor, through Burton, sends a forceful message to his Amish kin. Brock vows justice in a televised press conference. Cruz scopes out Carrie's fortress while Sugar helps a displaced Lucas find familiar lodgings.

Episode 4 - Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch
First Aired: April. 22,2016

Carrie strikes again; Bunker treads on thin ice; another grisly murder rocks Banshee.

Episode 3 - The Book of Job
First Aired: April. 15,2016

Lucas and Carrie enlist Fat Au in a last-ditch attempt to track down Job.

Episode 2 - The Burden of Beauty
First Aired: April. 08,2016

Carrie embarks on a vigilante crusade. Brock eyes Lucas in the serial-murder case.

Episode 1 - Something Out of the Bible
First Aired: April. 01,2016

With his inability to find Job, Lucas returns to Banshee two years later to look for a serial murderer on the loose.


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