The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Season 6

September. 04,2018
| Comedy Talk

After Jay Leno's second retirement from the program, Jimmy Fallon stepped in as his permanent replacement. After 42 years in Los Angeles the program was brought back to New York.


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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Season 6 Full Episode Guide

Episode 187 - Ashton Kutcher, Billie Lourd, Bianca Andreescu, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell
First Aired: September. 09,2019

Episode 174 - Julianne Moore, Jacob Tremblay, Julio Torres
First Aired: August. 05,2019

Actress Julianne Moore, actor Jacob Tremblay & writer Julio Torres.

Episode 161 - Nicki Minaj/Phoebe Robinson/Julia Michaels
First Aired: June. 27,2019

Singer Nicki Minaj; comic Phoebe Robinson (What Men Want (2019)); Julia Michaels performs;

Episode 138 - Emma Thompson, Sophie Turner, Paula Pell, Amirah Kassem
First Aired: May. 10,2019

Actresses Emma Thompson, Sophie Turner and Paula Pell join Jimmy along with baker Amirah Kassem

Episode 67 - Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tyler 'Ninja' Bevins, Black Thought, Salaam Remi
First Aired: December. 17,2018

Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda ("Mary Poppins Returns"); internet personality Tyler 'Ninja' Bevins; Black Thought and Salaam Remi perform;

Episode 66 - Armie Hammer, Mark Ronson, Pete Lee
First Aired: December. 14,2018

Episode 65 - Miley Cyrus, Regina King, Chloe x Halle
First Aired: December. 13,2018

Episode 64 - Natalie Portman, Dennis Miller, Braison Cyrus
First Aired: December. 12,2018

Episode 63 - John Mulaney, Vanessa Hudgens, Grimes
First Aired: December. 10,2018

Episode 62 - Ice Cube, Amber Heard, Elvis Duran
First Aired: December. 07,2018

Episode 58 - Saoirse Ronan, Russell Westbrook, Alessia Cara
First Aired: December. 04,2018

Episode 57 - Margot Robbie, Elsie Fisher, Hootie & the Blowfish
First Aired: December. 03,2018

Episode 33 - Whoopi Goldberg, Nikki & Brie Bella, Joshua Jay
First Aired: October. 26,2018

Episode 32 - Tiffany Haddish, Steve Kornacki, Buddy
First Aired: October. 25,2018

Episode 31 - Greg Kinnear, Paul Dano, Hozier & Mavis Staples
First Aired: October. 24,2018

Episode 30 - Trevor Noah, Lucas Hedges, Gigi Hadid, Brockhampton
First Aired: October. 23,2018

Episode 29 - Savannah Guthrie & Hoda Kotb, Juliette Lewis, Joey Purp & RZA
First Aired: October. 22,2018

Episode 28 - Alec Baldwin, Meghan Trainor, LeClerc Andre
First Aired: October. 12,2018

Episode 27 - Jonah Hill, Charles Barkley, Bazzi
First Aired: October. 11,2018

Episode 26 - Timothée Chalamet, Amandla Stenberg, Guy Raz, Ella Mai
First Aired: October. 10,2018

Episode 25 - John Cena, Maggie Gyllenhaal, H.E.R.
First Aired: October. 09,2018

Actor John Cena (Bumblebee (2018)); actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) and The Deuce (2017)); H.E.R. performs.

Episode 24 - Anthony Anderson/Shaquille O'Neil/Dinah Jane/Ty Dolla $ign/Marc E Bassy/Ray Angry/Shawn Mendes
First Aired: October. 08,2018

Episode 21 - Bradley Cooper/Kathryn Hahn/Jim James
First Aired: October. 03,2018

Actor Bradley Cooper ("A Star Is Born"); actress Kathryn Hahn ("Private Life"); Jim James performs.

Episode 17 - Ricky Gervais/Shawn Mendes
First Aired: September. 27,2018

Ricky Gervais (Child Support (2018)); Shawn Mendes talks and performs.

Episode 16 - Alexander Skargard/Justin Hartley/Bad Bunny
First Aired: September. 26,2019

Actor Alexander Skargard (Hold the Dark (2018)); retired professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal; actor Justin Hartley ("This Is Us"); Bad Bunny perform.

Episode 15 - Episode 15
First Aired: September. 25,2018

Episode 12 - Jack Black/Angela Bassett/Josh Groban
First Aired: September. 20,2018

Actor Jack Black (The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018)); actress Angela Bassett (9-1-1 (2018)); Josh Groban performs.

Episode 11 - Kevin Hart/Robert Irwin
First Aired: September. 19,2018

Guest co-host Kevin Hart; animal expert Robert Irwin.

Episode 7 - Daniel Radcliffe/Matt Czuchry/Teyana Taylor/Aerosmith
First Aired: September. 12,2018

Actor Daniel Radcliffe; actor Matt Czuchry; Teyana Taylor performs; Aerosmith performs with the Roots.

Episode 6 - Matthew McConaughey/Norm Macdonald/Future
First Aired: September. 11,2018

Actor Matthew McConaughey (White Boy Rick (2018)); actor Norm Macdonald; Future performs.

Episode 4 - Nick Jonas/Elizabeth Olsen/Robin Schulz
First Aired: September. 07,2018

Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz perform; actress Elizabeth Olsen (Sorry for Your Loss (2018))

Episode 3 - Kendall Jenner/Paul McCartney
First Aired: September. 06,2018

Model Kendall Jenner; Paul McCartney performs.

Episode 2 - Jennifer Garner/Jeff Foxworthy/Sheryl Crow
First Aired: September. 05,2018

Actress Jennifer Garner (Peppermint (2018) and Camping (2018)); comic Jeff Foxworthy; Sheryl Crow performs.

Episode 1 - Ethan Hawke/Lil Rel Howery/Meek Mill
First Aired: September. 04,2018

Actor Ethan Hawke (Juliet, Naked (2018)); actor Lil Rel Howery (Rel (2018)); Meek Mill performs.


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