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Season 2

Extras Season 2

September. 14,2006
| Comedy

Andy Millman gave up his day job five years ago in the hope of achieving the big time, but he’s yet to land a speaking part, let alone saunter down the red carpet to pick up an Oscar. He remains optimistic however, as rubbing shoulders with the A-list on-set only serves to reinforce his belief that the big time is just a job or two away.


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Extras Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 6 - Robert Lindsay & Jonathan Ross
First Aired: October. 19,2006

Andy becomes fast friends with Jonathan Ross after making his first chat show appearance. The mother of an ill fan forces him to come and visit her boy at the hospital, so Andy takes Maggie along. Darren is given an ultimatum: arrange a meeting with Robert De Niro or get fired.

Episode 5 - Sir Ian McKellen
First Aired: October. 12,2006

Andy's school mate Steve Sherwood visits him on set and inspires Darren to ask Maggie out on a date. Wanting to be recognized more for his acting abilities, Andy auditions for a new play directed by Sir Ian McKellen.

Episode 4 - Chris Martin
First Aired: October. 05,2006

Andy encounters Coldplay's Chris Martin while recording an ad for charity and reluctantly agrees to have him do a cameo on 'When the Whistle Blows'. When his show is nominated for a Bafta Award, everything that could possibly go wrong for Andy during the night of the ceremony does.

Episode 3 - Daniel Radcliffe
First Aired: September. 28,2006

First comes the success, then the backlash and the British press aren't about to change the rules. Andy has incurred their wrath and needs an experienced P.R. guru to help him. On the set of his new film, Daniel Radcliffe is trying his staggeringly poor chat-up lines on anything female.

Episode 2 - David Bowie
First Aired: September. 21,2006

The first episode of Andy's sitcom, "When the Whistle Blows" is getting harsh reviews but draws respectable viewing numbers. Andy begins to get recognized on the street and in pubs.

Episode 1 - Orlando Bloom
First Aired: September. 14,2006

Andy finally gets the chance to make his sitcom, but things aren't going his way. Meanwhile Maggie is an extra on an Orlando Bloom film.


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