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Season 2

Off Centre Season 2

September. 19,2002
| Drama Comedy

Off Centre is an American sitcom that aired on The WB network from October 14, 2001 to October 31, 2002. Created by Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, and Danny Zuker, the series was heavily promoted as "from the guys who brought you American Pie".


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Off Centre Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 7 - Little House On The Bowery
First Aired: October. 31,2002

In a competition to prove whether it's simply Euan's English intonation that attracts all the women, Mike and Euan switch accents. Meanwhile, Chau dates a homeless woman who is not entirely sane.

Episode 6 - The Guys' Guys
First Aired: October. 24,2002

Mike's dorky friends from high school come to visit, making Euan feel like the not-so-odd man out. Meanwhile, Status makes a date with Liz.

Episode 5 - The Deflower Half Hour
First Aired: October. 17,2002

When Euan's date, Lindsey, announces to everyone that she wants Euan to deflower her when she turns 18 at midnight, Euan, Mike, Chau, Status and Liz flashback to their own first sexual encounters.

Episode 4 - P.P. Doc II: The Examination Continues (a.k.a. PPD2)
First Aired: October. 10,2002

Mike and Euan's dorky urologist, Dr. Barry Wasserman, moves into their apartment building. The guys worry about the weird M.D.'s interest in being their buddy, until they discover he attracts women.

Episode 3 - Unflushable (a.k.a. M. Night Shyamalan's Unflushable)
First Aired: October. 03,2002

Mike impresses the guys when he leaves the bar with the new building tenant, Carmen Electra, however, back at her apartment, Mike's new diet causes him to clog her toilet. Undetected by Carmen, Mike enlists the help of his good friends Euan and Chau to help clear the blockage.

Episode 2 - Cockfight
First Aired: September. 26,2002

Euan and Status Quo meet a gorgeous woman in a bar and compete for her attention. When they realize that she has a twin, their competition escalates to see who can bed them both. Meanwhile, Mike realizes that the only way he can earn extra money to purchase an extravagant birthday gift for Liz is to bet on cockfights with Chau.

Episode 1 - Love is a Pain in the A** (a.k.a. Love Stings)
First Aired: September. 19,2002

Mike feels that his relationship with Liz has gotten stale, so he decides it's time to break up and is not prepared when she beats him to the punch, however the break-up sex is so good that Mike does everything in his power to string the relationship along. When Euan meets a woman who is even wilder in bed than he is, he soon learns that even he has limits. Chau rallies to save a canceled TV series.


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