The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib Season 2

April. 13,2023
| Animation Comedy Family

Framed for a corporate crime, an adult Ted Templeton turns back into the Boss Baby to live undercover with his brother, Tim, posing as one of his kids.


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The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 16 - Ba-Ba Town
First Aired: April. 13,2023

Peek-a-boo! Familiar faces return to help the Templetons take down the Shrinkies and get the Boss Baby his old life back. But will their plan work?

Episode 15 - The Unshakeable Bear
First Aired: April. 13,2023

The team searches for the elusive Dr. The Beard with the feds — and a bear — in hot pursuit. Tabitha pulls an inside job. Tina takes a critical test.

Episode 14 - Intensive Purposes
First Aired: April. 13,2023

Dez and Aubrey go undercover to expose Russ Tisdale as a criminal kingpin. Elsewhere, Boss Baby and crew try to brainstorm their way out of captivity.

Episode 13 - North of the Border
First Aired: April. 13,2023

With Teddy hiding out in Canada, Tina tries to hold the company together. But Baby Love's tanking, thanks to adult baddies who've shrunk to baby size.

Episode 12 - Hate That Baby!
First Aired: April. 13,2023

After Crispin Biscuits alters the economy to reward Baby Hate, the Boss Baby's forced to become the town's least lovable baby to save the startup.

Episode 11 - Breaking the Bank
First Aired: April. 13,2023

For his next trick, Crispin Biscuits plots to rob the underwater Baby Bank — but not if Boss Baby, Tina and Banker Baby Benny can sink his plans.

Episode 10 - Floaties
First Aired: April. 13,2023

Tina's relaxing stay at a baby resort goes off the rails when Crispin Biscuits has everyone convinced that she's not actually Tina... but someone else.

Episode 9 - Federal Slumber Party
First Aired: April. 13,2023

Uncle Benji's in town with two big surprises: a cute baby of his own and ambitions to become a federal agent, putting Boss Baby's real identity at risk.

Episode 8 - One Tricked Pony
First Aired: April. 13,2023

Crispin Biscuits pulls a beastly power move: luring Precious the pony away from the Templetons. Now it's up to the team to convince her he's bad news.

Episode 7 - The Heat Is On
First Aired: April. 13,2023

It's hot — and babies are cranky. Can the Templetons find a way around the country club splash pad's strict "no babies" rule before the team melts down?

Episode 6 - Poompf!
First Aired: April. 13,2023

Crispin Biscuits cooks up a plan to frame the Untitled Templeton Project for a plush toy explosion. But Tina's going all in to clear the company name.

Episode 5 - Inner Children
First Aired: April. 13,2023

JJ's on the job when the town's adults accidentally sample special formula that gives them all "baby brains." Can she fix it before Tina finds out?

Episode 4 - Moon Shot
First Aired: April. 13,2023

The team competes with their Baby Corp rivals in a cutthroat "space race" to see who can create the cutest — and kid-friendliest — fake moon landing.

Episode 3 - Biscuits Rising
First Aired: April. 13,2023

A scheming British schoolboy baby who was secretly hired to ruin Teddy and Tina's lives lures the team into a trap that's crawling with mind games.

Episode 2 - Puppy Love
First Aired: April. 13,2023

The team explores a promising side hustle: reforming naughty puppies. But their pack of potential new clients leads them to a hair-raising discovery.

Episode 1 - Untitled Templeton Project
First Aired: April. 13,2023

With no name, zero capital and countless rivals, the Templetons' scrappy startup takes on risky new client Cathy — the most-hated baby in town.


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