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Season 1

Santa Evita Season 1

July. 26,2022
| Drama

After Eva Perón’s death in 1952, her corpse is held for three years awaiting the construction of a mausoleum — a resting place that would never be built. In 1955, the military seized control of Argentina and hid Perón’s body from the public, fearing that it would unite the country against them. But they never imagined that in doing so she would become more dangerous in death than she was in life.


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Santa Evita Season 1 Full Episode Guide

Episode 7 - Santa Evita
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Mariano finally learns the location of Evita's corpse, bringing an end to its odyssey.

Episode 6 - Person
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Mariano meets Koenig for an intense interview; the Colonel reveals the demons he carries with him.

Episode 5 - Puppé
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Koenig's contact arranges a meeting between the Colonel and Mariano; a projectionist remembers Eva.

Episode 4 - A perfect wife
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Despite marital problems, Mariano continues the investigation and uncovers a bloody tragedy.

Episode 3 - Thank you for existing
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Mariano's investigation brings danger into his and his wife's home; Koenig searches for a traitor.

Episode 2 - Four graves for Eva
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Argentine drama chronicling the over two-decade odyssey of the corpse of Eva Perón.

Episode 1 - That Woman
First Aired: July. 26,2022

Eva' body is embalmed but not buried, opening the door for the military to take the corpse in 1955.


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