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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

December. 17,2003
| Adventure Fantasy Action

As armies mass for a final battle that will decide the fate of the world--and powerful, ancient forces of Light and Dark compete to determine the outcome--one member of the Fellowship of the Ring is revealed as the noble heir to the throne of the Kings of Men. Yet, the sole hope for triumph over evil lies with a brave hobbit, Frodo, who, accompanied by his loyal friend Sam and the hideous, wretched Gollum, ventures deep into the very dark heart of Mordor on his seemingly impossible quest to destroy the Ring of Power.​


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Lord of the rings? pfffff more like.... bored of the rings am I right fellas?


Best casting for make this movie best directing in 12 hour movie best editing of all time best soundtrack of movies i think it deserve oscar awards best scenes and sets of all time


I only give this movie an eight, just because it was entertaining with decent action sequences, but apart from that being rated an 8.9 is highly overrated and its a longing 3 hours long which makes the movie even vaguer at stake. This movie is so boring and there are really unnecessary scenes in this picture. The whole sequence with Aragorn and the princess is stupid and it gives unnecessary story lines to the movie. I rank Frodo as a weakling with complete over drama on Elijah woods part and basically stating that he flopped like a deer when "the eye" almost saw him. Peter Jackson has recreated the series into a charming, entertaing, bunch of movies but they don't deserve all the recognition and the 17 oscars, I mean come on, thats ludicrous its like India winning the World Cup.


'The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003)' is the best of the three mainly because it is, for the most part, so pacy and persistently forward-moving. It's constantly engaging and does a good job of wrapping up its story in a suitably epic and entertaining way. It does suffer from multiple endings, though. These could each have done the job (except for the one that's particularly silly) but none of them wrap up the picture especially well in conjunction with one another. There's also an occasional feeling that there's less plot this time around, with more emphasis placed upon phenomenally epic battles - some of the largest in scale I've ever seen. However, this one is more of an ensemble piece than the others and it intercuts between its main stories just often enough that you always care about each of its never-more-interesting dangling threads. Although the emphasis of this picture does seem slightly less on our protagonist's journey to rid Middle Earth of the one ring than you'd perhaps expect, it strikes a balance between all of its characters - especially those who were sidelined before - and makes sure that they all have something important to do and that you care about them while they are doing it. Because of this, it's the most character-focused in the trilogy, even if some of the 'main' players are given slightly less to do. Thankfully, it also means that Sam, who is clearly the most heroic of the hobbits, finally has his day as a hero (even if most other characters don't acknowledge it) and it is incredibly satisfying. 8/10