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Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic (2016)

July. 08,2016
| Adventure Drama

A father living in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with his six young kids tries to assimilate back into society.


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Captain Fantastic is what I would describe as a journey. It has every element a film should possess. Captain Fantastic reaches into our minds and souls as we watch from beginning to end. It guarantees emotional connection with every character showing true captivation from scene to scene. The acting, cinematography, sound editing, and directing all prove that this is a outstanding film. More people need to be aware of this movie. As an avid movie fanatic I strongly believe that this movie should be recommend to people of all ages. Viggo Mortensen shows true depth of what humanity is all about. Life changes, behavioral attitudes, and aspects on life are all displayed from start to finish. If you are looking for a refreshing take on humanity and a wonderful movie watching experience, then this title is for you. 10/10 all of the way.


This film was full of insights and deep truths about American society and showed how much courage and individualism it takes to struggle and confront the hypocrisy and contradictions that exist in the system, in particular in relation to educating the young. The future survival of our world will depend on the ability to question and rethink the status quo, yet many young Americans are being educated to focus solely on making money and keeping up with the Jones'. This film gives the viewer a compelling narrative that demonstrates an alternative approach. On a 'craft level' I thought the camera work was inspired, the performances - in particular the young actors - were emotionally solid and beautifully cast. The score underpinned the emotion of the piece with subtlety and choice of songs worked really well to pin point the connection with 60s counter-culture. Fantastic indeed!

Kartik Pillai

This movie is about a family who live their entire lives in the wild. The movie is beautifully written and the actors do an amazing job showing the various emotion that flows throughout the movie. Also the soundtracks goes incredibly well with the movie. In all I really enjoyed watching this movie and I highly recommend, watching this movie.


This was a movie I really wanted to enjoy but failed too because of the lack of depth in the story line and the inconsistent premise of a family "off the grid". Contradiction in the lives of this family and fanciful ideals fail to really make a convincing statement about views of modern society and the viable alternatives being portrayed in this film. The ending was cringing and goofy to say the least but I'm sure some will love this unrealistic idealistic waste of 2 hrs.