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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

August. 08,2014
| Adventure Action Comedy Science Fiction

When a kingpin threatens New York City, a group of mutated turtle warriors must emerge from the shadows to protect their home.


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I do not understand why it was so low. The film is great. Visual effects, vocals, sound effects, acting are at a high level. As good as Transformers.


OK some of the things here were pretty neat with this movie and some were not i liked the fact that is was live action at the time but somethings were missing well the pilot was OK the writing was cheesy it needed work so that's one bad thing the actors were OK compared to other live action movies over the years the jokes weren't funny that's bad thing and the animation is not the best but OK considering it being in cgi so in summary not the worst movie but not the best movie.


Michael Bay has a history of taking a much loved property and rebooting it while destroying everything that made it so loved and successful in the first place.Now it's the Turtles turn and although Michael Bay is only the Producer on this one it still suffers from all his trademark madness.Obviously the most important part of a TMNT movie is the Turtles right? not in this movie it isn't, it's April O'Neill who has top billing here and it's a disaster.The character is supposed to be a top investigative journalist but she is just so stupid, the only reason she is a credible reporter is that all her colleagues are even worse.Meagan Fox is terrible in this role, she might as well have been a cardboard standee for all the emotion on display. She has the same spaced out look on her face the whole way through. April is also very poorly written with no scenes of any real depth, You get the feeling that they knew Meagan Fox was to play her and knowing that she can't act, dumbed it down intentionally.Miss fox was cast for one reason, she looks hot in the advertising, something to draw in moviegoers who are then disappointed that in reality she isn't sexy at all because she lacks something that the original April, played by Judith Hoag, had in bucket loads, personality.Now we get to the Turtles themselves which are by far the worst versions of these characters to date. Firstly they look hideous, it's no wonder they live in the sewers. Secondly they also suffer from April's no personality syndrome, the exception being Michelangelo who is a total jerk who constantly makes sexual innuendos and jokes at inappropriate times destroying all the dramatic tension.The other main character is of course Shredder and it is he who suffers the most. William Fichtner's character Eric Sacks is the same main villain and appears to be Shredder until ii's revealed Shredder is actually just this guy stands in the corner.Unfortunately the terrible script is least of this movie's problems, it's real enemy is the CGI. Every time the turtles engage in any action it feels like a different movie as they fly all over the screen and the cameras spin around all over trying to distract you from how awful it looks.This becomes a real millstone around the movies neck and totally destroys the end of this movie. The final battle with Shredder looks like a video game, there's nothing real for the audience to connect with. The 1990 movie may only have had 2 guys in rubber suits hitting each other but you felt every contact.When you can't do better than a movie that was made 20+ years earlier, you have to wonder why they bothered making this in the first place.

Ian Wood

Watched this with a couple of knuckleheads, we voted, ended up watching Turtle's.To start, I absolutely love the old Turtle's live action movies, they're really funny. Which gives the remakes a hard act to follow. I'm unsure how I feel on how they've changed the turtles, making them massive creepy half human turtles. It takes a much more realistic approach, weather it's good or bad I can't deliberate. If I had to compare the turtles from the 1990's movies and these ones, the old ones would edge it. By what they had to work with back then, they did really well. With what we have now, they did alright, I understand it must be hard to make a live action turtle that isn't creepy looking.Megan fox works as a great piece of eye candy, when she's bent over out the window of the car, lord have mercy. As April though, ehhhhhhh, not very fitting for the character. Considering it's a Turtle's movie, it lacks humour, the action is great though. It's a good adaptation, I'd have preferred the original origins, like any turtles fan, but by no means is it bad. If they added a lot more humour and better casting, it could of been a lot better.The biggest flaw I would say is Shredder, he feels like a massive robot, rather than a very powerful ninja. I don't like that all the characters seem to have quite big changes or altered origins, it takes a lot away from it. The majority of the target audience must be the old Turtles fans, and to change such big details, it hurts it's rating a lot. If it wasn't for the nostalgic factor, I'm not sure I would have watched this movie, it seemed so generic. I'm glad I did though.62%http://afilmadaykeepsthedocaway.blogspot.co.uk/