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The Intern

The Intern (2015)

September. 25,2015
| Comedy

70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.


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Mohamed Abdalla

What a lovely movie to spend your afternoon watching it ! It has the perfect mixture of comedy "not for laughing out loud though", sensations, good writing, "Anne Hathaway" different face expressions, "Robert De Niro" warm acting, and of course a good dose of drama especially in the last thirty minutes of the movie.The movie follows multiple line of actions, one of "Robert De Niro" that shows us a good background about his character, and another one about "Anne Hathaway" that shows up her multiple layers continuously throughout the movie, and of course both of them meet up together to start the plot of the movie.Finally, it's a light comedy drama movie with a genuine idea that was well represented with that group of actors, and of course it can get you out of a bad mood.


Boring beginning, great middle, crap ending. Some belly laughs from Adam Devine who should have had a bigger part - he is hilarious. Robert De Niro was pretty good but we were rooting for him to die or get the job at the end, the actual ending was one of those nothing-really-happens ones. Anne Hathaway was back to her devil wears prada role which I love her for. A good ish film if you fancy light background fodder but not one I'm likely to remember in a few days.


A retired widower, Ben, starts a new job as an intern in an online fashion retailer company run by, Jules, the workaholic super committed young lady. The two of them get encountered as Ben becomes Jules's personal intern. Following his looks and the way he dressed, Jules thought Ben can't offer much nether to her, nor to her company. So, she gave him the least amount of tasks. Surprisingly he catches her attention after he managed to voluntarily arrange a disk that has been always found unarranged. Subsequently, Ben becomes her right hand who is responsible for each aspect of her life, starting from getting her daughter to and from school, to breaking into her mother's house to delete an email sent to her by mistake from Jules. Eventually, his guidance helps her bringing her life together. It's a nice drama/light movie about starting over, and how people could do more regardless their age or problems. However, the journey for Ben, the leading role wasn't much of a struggle. Which brings us to wonder, whose story it was? Ben, or Jules's? Ben didn't do much to blend in, while the effort Jules had to do to amend her marriage, sort things out in her company, and bringing her life together was much in comparison to the challenges Ben went through. He didn't fail, not even once in any of his tasks. He drew a line of wisdom, comfort, and trust through the whole movie, yet, it was a bit difficult to believe. Especially, when he mentioned at the beginning of the movie that he used to call his grandson to ask him what the heck is a USB, but we see him smoothly using a laptop, doing emails, and he even changed from an old SAMSUNG to an iPhone with no much of a struggle. It's a nice movie indeed, that drew a smile and a relief following the happy ending.


This is a great movie for the younger generation to learn good work ethics, And the older generation to understand the younger generation!! It was a little slow, but fun to watch!!