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Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started (2017)

December. 08,2017
| Action Comedy

Duke Diver is living the high life as the freewheeling manager of a luxurious resort in Palm Springs, Calif. He soon faces competition from Leo, a former military man who likes the same woman that Duke is interested in. When Diver's past suddenly catches up with him, he must put aside his differences and reluctantly team up with Leo to stop whoever is trying to kill him.


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When you have a lot of popular actors that are older, that's a good indicator of a bad movie in the making.


With Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones constantly trying to upstage each other, it's worth watching just for that bit of fun. And then there's the fact that it was Glenn Headly's last film - it's a decent tribute to her (though she'd probably prefer something closer to her triumphant "Dirty Rotten Rascals" role). The other thing I liked is that it shows that the elderly still want to lead interesting active lives, even in the shadow of fear that their bodies and/or minds will inevitably let them down at some point. That may not appeal to most audiences, but it's reality folks - we oldies aren't just the doddery old farts you can see now; we are the combination of all the people we've been over the course of our lives and the lessons we've learned from that. On the downside, this film was clearly rushed out for the Christmas market, though it's a sunbelt Christmas that is meant to reassure the people in that region while perhaps stimulating some pangs of jealousy among those in colder climes. Fresh snow is lovely to look at, but there are consequences. PS: The Wikipedia article on this film is full of factual errors that should be corrected.


Nothing against Jones or Freeman (his voiceover on a variety of science docs are good), and I've seen most of what they've done. So, the only way this film is made is if the aforementioned are short on cash. Dialogue is middle school level; action/drama (thankfully not much of it, and the rest was mostly run time with talking heads) has been done before and much much better. Typical good guy/bad buy team up to best the adversary, and who cared. The rest of the screen time was a lot of geriatric oldies checking out slightly younger geriatric females w/tired old lines.


A two-hander action comedy in the vein of Midnight Run (1988), about an ex-F.B.I. Agent (Tommy Lee Jones) and an ex-mob lawyer in the Witness Protection Program (Morgan Freeman) having to put aside their petty rivalry on the golf course to fend off a mob hit. Just Getting Started seemed so promising but failed to deliver on all levels from acting to characters to all. Jones seems old and can't even walk straight, Freeman tries hard to get comedic and it's sad and above all great careers and actors get flashed down the toilet. (0/10)