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The Little Prince

The Little Prince (2016)

August. 05,2016
| Adventure Fantasy Animation Family

Based on the best-seller book 'The Little Prince', the movie tells the story of a little girl that lives with resignation in a world where efficiency and work are the only dogmas. Everything will change when accidentally she discovers her neighbor that will tell her about the story of the Little Prince that he once met.


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This movie is incredible with an interesting story, heartfelt moments, and beautiful animation. This is a fantastic movie that is well worth watching.


after the final credits , it is not easy to say if it is a good or a bad film. the first sin is too obvious message. so, a propaganda film, obscure for children, boring for adults. than the not real inspired , in same spirit, portrait of the basket with evil characters and a teenager Prince in unrealistic situation. the good part - maybe the pages from the book, the character of aviator ( with few reserves) and the good intention to say , in different manner, the well known story of Saint Exupery. the bad thing - the film has not the status of kick to read the book. and this remains the great sin of a film too preoccupied to send a message and not to remind the beauty of a magnificent story.

Eric Stevenson

A lot of people are probably going to hate me for not giving this a perfect score but the thing is, I really did enjoy this film! I admit to being very unfamiliar with the original book version of "The Little Prince". I only know that it's one of the best selling books of all time. I hear some people regard this as a stop motion film, but most of it isn't that at all. I was kind of disappointed by that, because while the CGI was good, the stop motion was simply fantastic. The details were down so perfectly and the characters had more depth this way. I still like the idea of two styles being blended together.I also like the story a lot, particularly with how it deals with a little girl who has a mother who literally arranges everything in her life to happen at a specific time. Most of us know what it's like to live with someone who wants everything to be precise. I admit that the film does get weak in the last third, particularly with how it suddenly turns into a dystopian future-like world. I do like the reveal for the main villain. This is the first and probably only movie I'll ever see on my Netflix as my free trial is ending. I had no idea it was just a Netflix movie so boy am I glad I saw it there! ***

Matt Bonner

A great take on a classic book. I thought that the transitions between the main characters (the little girl and her mother) and the telling of the Little Prince by the old man would be choppy but it fit in almost perfectly. Deep messages of what matters most, simplifying life, etc. are found throughout making it a truly worthwhile experience. The sophistication and maturity of dialogue between the Prince and the other characters creates a touching atmosphere without the "cheesiness" of your typical feel good film. Although slow moving at parts, it is captivating enough to never really be boring. Excellently inspiring, overall.