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Point Break

Point Break (2015)

December. 25,2015
| Adventure Action Thriller Crime

A young undercover FBI agent infiltrates a gang of thieves who share a common interest in extreme sports. A remake of the 1991 film, "Point Break".


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I watched this movie as an inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles. I am in love with this movie. A lot of people don't appreciate it, but it is one of the few movies in the world that tries to capture the feeling of being fearless. It succeeds on multiple fronts for me, and the cinematography and timing is superb. You get to go places that you probably will never go in your life time. I think people who are used to sitting on their couches and critiquing movies are making the reviews. You should not listen to them. This movie is a must-see, an experience of things few people will ever do in their lifetime, and yet... there are people doing them.What does it feel like to be truly free? It requires not only the external circumstance of being able to do "what you want" to do. It requires physical fitness, stamina, and your own inner choice to be free, regardless of the constraints of society. Doing what you believe and choose against all odds, taking the consequences for your actions, and then to know what it is to live without fear. FEARLESS.How many fearless people are reviewing this movie? There are few in the world, my friend, and I am one of them. This movie resonates with me for that reason.


Awful. Just awful. Avoid. The original is a cult classic full of style, this is full of crap.


The original Point Break (1991) had something special and unique about it, from the performances to the overall action, mystery and suspense. However, this remake, a lot of what made the original great is missing and non existent. The lack of suspense and thrills is gone, as well as the overall charm. It isn't nearly as enjoyable and witty like the original and makes us wonder as to why this film was remade. We all knew they would not top the original, especially given the cast but this remake could have been a lot better. Overall, Point Break (2015) is bland, generic and quite a waste of time. Disappointed, this film is as bad as critics and fans are saying.


I'm sorry, there must be tonnes of reviews out there that have used the 'pointless' pun. I couldn't help it. It's just too obvious. In case you didn't know, 'Point Break' is a classic action/cop movie of the nineties. Therefore, because of its 'classic' status, it was deemed 'remakeable' by our good friends - those wonderful Hollywood executives. Now, I like to think I'm not a 'remake snob' – there are arguments for remaking a film, normally if you have a fresh take on something, or if the film was made so long ago that people have practically forgotten the original. However, 'Point Break' was only made in the nineties and is still pretty dear to many people – namely me. I may be able to forgive this new version for anything other than a cynical cash-grab if the original source material was particularly outdated, but unfortunately the sad fact is that the (dare I say 'proper?') 'Point Break' still looks as good today as it ever did.In case you don't know, both 'Point Breaks' are about a young FBI agent (Johnny Utah) who has to infiltrate a gang of bank robbers led by 'Bodhi' who indulge in extreme sports, in order to gain their trust and catch them, obviously. Whereas the original had Keanu Reeves playing our FBI hero and Patrick Swayze as the lead robber, the new one has… er, actually I don't know either of them. I like to think I'm reasonably good with actors, but I've never seen either of these two in anything! But, I won't hold that against them. I'll save my disdain for the chemistry between pretty much everyone on screen. Everyone just seemed to be trying too hard to steer away from what we already know about the film, but never really achieving it. This new 'Point Break' incarnation is like a meteorite that's got hopelessly trapped in a planet's gravitational pull and is fighting against the odds in a losing battle to escape.The new 'Point Break' does its best to try and create something new. The bank robbers don't just surf like they do in the original and it's set across multiple locations around the world, rather than just a single beach in America, but it's simply not enough. I've briefly touched upon the lack of chemistry between the lead characters, but this really becomes obvious when they try and throw in the obligatory 'love interest' in there for Johnny Utah the 2nd. It's truly painful. Almost as bad as watching (the usually awesome) Ray Winstone as Johnny's partner Angelo Pappas. It's just weird hearing these names again, only seeing different faces associated with them.Believe it or not, I didn't hate the remake. It's a decent enough film and, if you're into anything from extreme sports to cops and robbers films, you'd probably get some entertainment out of it. But there's a MAJOR but. This only applies if you've never seen the original. If you've watched that you'll be crying out for a slice of Reeves and Swayze. So, if you haven't already seen the original, go and watch that – it's a true classic of its time which still holds up today. Let the remake be a message to Hollywood that we're not interested in seeing all our favourite movies redone just to make a quick buck.