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American Dreamz

American Dreamz (2006)

March. 04,2006
| Drama Comedy

The new season of "American Dreamz," the wildly popular television singing contest, has captured the country's attention, as the competition looks to be between a young Midwestern gal and a showtunes-loving young man from Orange County. Recently awakened President Staton even wants in on the craze, as he signs up for the potential explosive season finale.


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This is an attempt for a multi-satire. And by that I mean a satire with far too many recipients to be really effective in any of them.This movie tries to ...hmm...well...let's count: The dream of regular people that want basically to be famous and treated as such. Their mothers who want their children to succeed where themselves failed. The myth (?) of one true love. How ruthless can you be with other people feelings. The need for (any) heroes. The government, the POTUS and how they operate. The Jihadists who might be more into the American culture than they can admit. The long lasted public figures who are sick of themselves etc. etc. etc.The movie as an entertainment is so-so. The cast is good and it delivers some good performances but something is missing to glue them all together. A couple of scenes are funny but i personally got a sad feeling watching this movie. Especially because of the ending which I obviously won't spoil.Overall: Even if you have a couple of hours to spend I wouldn't recommended it. It's not bad but seems more like a hit and miss.


Alright so I watched this because I am a fan of Mandy Moore since 1999 and for her role as Rapunzel in Disney's 50th Tangled which is my favourite movie of all time along with A Walk To Remember as Jamie Sullivan.The film is about a president played by Denis Quaid who is hosting a pop idol spoof contest and the winner receives a prize. So in comes Hugh boring Grant as the Simon Cowell impersonator who's got a thing for the ladies ESPECIALLY Moore's charcther and he is on the search to find the next big thing. But who will win the contest and if you stay long enough for the end there is indeed a shocking twist that will have you either laughing at it or not.Overall this film SUCKS to its core.Its unfunny,stupid,pathetic and I really feel sorry for Ms Moore to be put up in such crap like this and to be apart of it. I mean COME ON Moore your better than this thank god you came to your senses in 2010.Nuff said I could go on but its so bad im gonna have to leave it at that. 2/10


A messy satire that works because it's really pretty funny. These messy but ambitious films always interest me, and there is plenty of interesting commentary going on in American Dreamz. What other film combines the war on terror with an American Idol-style show? Alongside the usual look at the shallow entertainment industry American Dreamz has quite a few inspired and funny political statements that include Willem Dafoe as a Cheney-modeled Vice President controlling Dennis Quaid's alternate-universe-Bush, a Jew, Gentile and a Muslim competing on the show, and a season finale that walks a fine line between dark comedy and plain distastefulness. Hey, this film is messy, like I said, but I enjoyed it, mess included.Quaid is really funny here, his President feels like a good-natured poke towards Bush, making him out not so much a clueless tyrant, but someone kept in the dark and used a a puppet. Dafoe's VP is the puppeteer, and his performance is pretty inspired. He never goes for the frightening, deathly feel that an actual Dick Cheney impersonation would have produced, and the film is funnier for it. Hugh Grant does a fine Simon Cowell impersonation, but thank God the film doesn't rest on his shoulders because he seems to be off his comic timing lately. Also, it's nice to see Seth Meyers in the movies


This film is terrible! End of story.It sucks.It sucks at life! Omer is OK, everyone else is not! Stupid satire! I admittedly don't know much about cinema but I definitely know a bad movie when I see one! This SUCKS.Its income did not even reach its budget of 17 million. Pitiful, right? And somehow I think it was in theaters for a month or so, I might be wrong.I didn't watch the whole thing, probably two thirds of it, but I had good reason: it sucked ass.Calling this film sh*t is overrated! Seeing sh*t compared to this makes me respect the sh*t and want to take it home! At least sh*t makes something of an attempt to make a movie! American Dreamz made no attempt whatsoever.Take this as a warning and go rent an October Sh*tfest if you want something better! Thank you for your time, good night.