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Chicken Little

Chicken Little (2005)

November. 04,2005
| Animation Comedy Family

When the sky really is falling and sanity has flown the coop, who will rise to save the day? Together with his hysterical band of misfit friends, Chicken Little must hatch a plan to save the planet from alien invasion and prove that the world's biggest hero is a little chicken.


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Jesper Brun

I can't believe that this is a Disney movie. It has nothing of what is known to be Disney's strong aspects. I'd rather watch the other Disney lowpoint Home On the Range several times than watching this downer only one more time. Disney's earlier films like Hunchback of Notre Dame also had a dark and at times depressive tone to it, but this mess is so over the top mean spirited that it is just unpleasant. The only points in the story we get to know our main character is when he is either bullied by his school mates or neglected BY HIS OWN FATHER!!! Yeah, what a nice message from the happiest place on earth!We never get any believable relief to this downer of a cast of characters, because in some way the crew working on the film felt it was more needed to throw in lots of chaotic action scenes and tons of pop culture references. It serves no purpose at all and only dates the movie. It doesn't help either that the CGI mostly is hideous. The aliens, even though pointless, were the only designs which were kind of creative.Honestly, this has to be the worst film to ever be put out by the house of mouse. A mess of a story, characters who are either pointless, weak or just plain unlikable, CGI which was mediocre at best and no heart put into it. See you when I'm finished complaining about how more heart-felt movies like Treasure Planet bombed at the box office while this made money.

Oliver Thatcher Watson

Words can't describe how abysmal this film is. I am fully aware that this is Disneys 1st CGI film, but to think this was made by Disney is appalling. This whole film is mean-spirited and just ugly. And the story is really stupid and predictable. The fact that the other animals actually thought that the sky was falling is so mindless, that I couldn't help but just think about how lazy and stupid the writing is. This isn't the only example, however. This film is also filled with so many clichés that you've seen in countless animated films. One example is that there is a group of outcasts that get bullied in school that Chicken Little is in. Also, the CGI is meh at best. It's not necessarily horrible, but it still looks very undetailed compared to other CGI films around the same time. And it is just horrifyingly ugly. It's almost as bad and ugly as the CGI in Son of the Mask. And the premise in this film is just black-hearted. This film is almost hell-bent on showing everyone how horrible the life of Chicken Little is over something stupid like telling everyone else that the sky is falling... I'm telling you. I'm still shocked that this is a Disney film. Its more recommend to just skip this and watch better animated films, as all this film is is an ugly, mean-spirited film that teaches the wrong message to children. All in all, the ugly CGI mixed with a horrible premise makes this easily one of the worst Disney films I've ever seen


I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid (10 years old) and thinking that it wasn't too bad of a film. I knew it wasn't Pixar grade material or anything like that, but I thought it was fun and enjoyable, while a bit overly simplistic and predictable.However, upon rewatching it, I can say that this film has not aged well. The most noticeable aging problem with this movie is the animation itself. A lot of the characters walk around with a bug- eyed look and the movement is very mechanical at times. Granted, this movie wasn't on the budget of Finding Nemo (EDIT: NO! This movie had almost twice the budget of Finding Nemo! Where did the money go?) but a lot of this film feels many years out of date in terms of animation quality. Again, this is an older film, but the biggest issue is the movement itself. A lot of the characters move in very strange ways that look and feel unnatural. A good chunk of the character movement doesn't feel quite finished in terms of fluidity.Animation aside, let's talk about the actual story. Hoodwinked! proved that a good story and clever writing can make up for bad movement and animation. Unfortunately, Chicken Little's story is very small in structure and in scale. Things happen very quickly, but not much is actually happening to progress the story. For instance, almost nothing really happens to move the plot forward until about the 35 minute mark. The first 35 minutes are essentially: Chicken Little is a big screw- up and is trying to impress his dad who has insanely low expectations of his son. Almost none of this is really important to the big "What If" question: What if Chicken Little really saw aliens? While this beginning 35 minutes is important for "Father-Son bonding" it just doesn't feel very interesting. The plot to this movie essentially needs to be redone from the ground-up (for the most part).Even the story's weaker plot could work is the characters were a bit stronger... largely the father. Chicken Little's big dilemma is that his father has no respect for him. His father literally throws Chicken Little under the bus whenever something happens. What is even worse is that his father IS THE REASON CHICKEN LITTLE IS MADE FUN OF! Yeah, it is sick. No one thought Chicken Little was insane or making things up, until his father says "My son just made this all up, he must be a little crazy, see, nothing to worry about". This is a glaring issue in the plot where you cannot respect the father to any degree, even after he supposedly redeems himself. What would fit the plot better is if the towns people assumed Chicken Little was crazy (Foxy?) and then the father goes with it. That would be understandable. However, as is, the father is mildly evil.The other characters in the film are mostly just a combination of pop-culture gags and don't have any actual depth. Surprisingly, though, the character who is the most interesting and reasonable is Abby. While the character design intentionally ugly, the character herself isn't a bad one and seems to be the smartest. I think she is ultimately the best character in the film. Sadly, the film ends with a forced romance with all of the characters. Hints of Abby and Little's relationship would be okay, but the way it goes is a bit over-the-top. It feels more like a check-box that needed to be crossed off.Is there good in this film? Yes. Some of the gags are funny, but the greatest thing in this film is the aliens themselves (until they are revealed). The aliens are really cool and have a neat design. Their legs move like wires connected to hydraulic pumps that spring out to grab things, but then always spring back into a neutral position when not in use. It gives them a very mechanical, yet fluid feel.All in all, Chicken Little is not a great film by any means. The second half is much stronger than the first half, mostly due to aliens and such, but it doesn't save the film because almost all of the character development is based off bad characters. Cool aliens, and a couple of humorous moments, but nothing overly good in this animated film.


Next autumn Chicken Little will be 10 years old.The movie laid forgotten, as a long row of animated animal movies followed like The Wild.Releasing the movie under the 2005 Harry Pottter movie could had been the wrong move.This is about Chicken Little that causes mayhem is in his city filled with anthro animals, as he says the the World is ending.As said the World nearly ends with an alien invasion.But Chicken Little and his friends saves the day.The movie ends with the animals singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John.Despite the movie is a mess, and there are too much going on at times it's not the worst Disney movie ever.If you and your Family love some Innocent CGI animal fun try to find this movie at the second hand stores.7/10