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The Last of the Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans (1992)

September. 25,1992
| Adventure Drama Action History

In war-torn colonial America, in the midst of a bloody battle between British, the French and Native American allies, the aristocratic daughter of a British Colonel and her party are captured by a group of Huron warriors. Fortunately, a group of three Mohican trappers comes to their rescue.


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The Last of the Mohicans is an absolute grandiose display of cinematography, terrific acting, sound, romance & battle sequences. It is a many times beautiful film that relies on its exceptional mixing of musical pieces and romantic/battle scenes to create the best emotional experience possible.The movie has absolutely gorgeous cinematography. Many scenes take place at night ( Especially during their stay at the fort ) Yet these scenes are so artistically lit and filmed that even the night scenes are beautiful to look at. However, the daylight cinematography does still provide the greatest images, such as the meeting between Munro and Montcalm, the final showdown with Magua, or the opening and closing shots of the view of the mountains.It is a film with a couple of extended battle scenes but these scenes flow very naturally due to the great editing and the exceptional musical score that most of the time accompanies it by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, which is definitely one of the greatest musical themes in all of film. It is an emotional score which further builds up during the battle sequences and always seems to climb towards its climax just as the part of the film does. And ofcourse this score enhances the romance between Poe ( Daniel-Day Lewis ) and Cora ( Madeleine Stowe ) to a relatable degree.Particularly Daniel Day Lewis and Wes Studi steal the show in their respective acting roles in the film, with the latter acting as the villainous Magua, yet not portrayed as a brainless Huron psychopath but a man that is full of hatred due to his own children being murdered by the English, which has caused him to hate the 'greyhair' with a passion.Yet even though the entire film is great, the final twenty or twenty five minutes of the film transcends them all. The final twenty minutes are some of the greatest twenty minutes in cinema history. A lot of its quality is in the little things, such as Alice's silent look after seeing Uncas sacrifice himself in order to save her, unable to keep on living after seeing the man that has comforted her in a couple of past scenes killed by Magua due to her, followed by Magua's confused look because he cannot understand why she would take her own life because of this. It is just brilliant facial acting without needing any dialogue. We can also see the reactions of Poe and Chingachcook to his son's and Cora to her sister's death which involves us more emotionally in the moment. We understand that Magua was made into the man he is by the English, yet still feel that he needs to die because of what he has done. All the while the two other main characters are attempting to catch up to the Huron here while the musical score moves closer and closer to its climax, which finally arrives when Chingachcook avenges his son and kills Magua, with a beautiful shot of the mountains in the background just before he deals the final blow. After which the epic musical score ends after Magua hits the ground. Quite possibly one of the most dramatic, moving, epic and powerful ending to a movie you could ever think of.A movie that grabs you like no other from the start which rises up to an absolute incredible climax results in an absolute masterpiece that demands to be seen again and again.


Three trappers protect a British Colonel's daughters in the midst of the French and Indian War. Daniel Day Lewis gives a career changing perfomance in The Last of the Mohicans, the direction is breath taking with some beautiful shots of trees and rivers but also an amazing soundtrack and a brilliant Theme Song. Michael Mann's best film next to Heat easily and the most motivating and epic film about indians and i don't think that there's a better film on this genre than The Last of the Mohicans. (10/10)

mounir maged

Last of the mohicans is directed by Michael Mann, and it stars Daniel Day Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, Russel Means and Wes Studi. The film depicts depicts the French and Indian war in 1757. This film is absolutely amazing. It holds no punches back in the depiction of war, both dramatically and in the way it exploits the violence of it. It's an authentic portrayal and unbiased as much as the director can. While the director caters more towards the settlers, giving them more reasons than just land, he also gives layered reasons for the natives as possible, to make the war more engaging and believableSo the story revolves around mostly Hawkeye, the main character, and Cora, who are caught in the middle of the conflict. Hawkeye just wants to find his true self, as he is the adoptive son of Chingachgook. Between his intriguing past, his dedication and unconditional love for Cora (though the love story and chemistry I find to be the weakest part of the film, but still solid), all of this within the war going on, makes him a well layered character to follow, and its all powered by Daniel Day Lewis' fantastic performance. All of the actors do a great job, and I can't think of a single bad performance. Even side characters are given such weight. It reminded me of the dark knight, where Jim Gordon has such presence thanks to the writing and acting. Same happens here. One of the main positives (that's an understatement) is how the film balances acting in a full circle. The movie doesn't just rely on dialogue (as good as it is), it also gives priority to body language and facial expression, adding more depth and natural progression to the characters. It makes them more human and relatable. And there is something to be mentioned: Magua has to be one of the most underrated film villains to ever come. Sympathetic, ruthless, honorable are just some of the words to describe the character, excellently portrayed by Wes Studi. His motivations and hatred for the English is fleshed out, from a tragic past, full of blood, it is understandable why Magua took such a bloody path of hatred and violence. The movie looks and feels magnificent. Whoever did the cinematography truly deserves an Oscar. Its visually enlightening, the camera work is graceful, giving you a complete vision of everything going on the screen as you can get, and the color palette adds a unique atmosphere to the film. they add an epic and beautiful scale to give you a full experience of the movie. It's arguably the greatest adventure movie ever made. And of course, how can anyone forget the iconic and great musical score? Every time it hits the screen, it gives me goosebumps. You feel like its telling a story to you. What more can I say? The film is excellently crafted with such care and passion that no film buff or fan should skip. Truly amazing.


Plot; The white adopted son of a Mohican Chief and the daughter of a British Colonel fall in love against the backdrop of the French and Indian War.Walking a very fine line between historical drama and overheated melodrama, The Last of the Mohicans never quite excels at either. Nevertheless, it's reasonably compelling thanks to top shelf performances from its cast, an epic score by Trevor Jones (with a late game assist by Randy Edelman) and the steady hand of director Michael Mann.