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The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid (1984)

June. 22,1984
| Drama Action Family

Daniel moves to Los Angeles with his mother, Lucille, and soon strikes up a relationship with Ali. He quickly finds himself the target of bullying by a group of high school students, led by Ali's ex-boyfriend Johnny, who study karate at the Cobra Kai dojo under ruthless sensei, John Kreese. Fortunately, Daniel befriends Mr. Miyagi, an unassuming repairman who just happens to be a martial arts master himself. Miyagi takes Daniel under his wing, training him in a more compassionate form of karate for self-defense and later, preparing him to compete against the brutal Cobra Kai.


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It's a very cliche entertaining 80's movie actually not cliche cause at that time it's a very original movie.


"The Karate Kid" is not a complicated movie.It doesn't try to talk about any "issues" or cover vast and complicated themes. Most of the key plot elements take place in a handful of locations with a handful of main characters. Yet its action scenes are more powerful than any amount of CGI could add.Pat Morita (I'm embarrassed I had to Google his name) does an intense and wonderful job as the sage karate master Mr. Miyagi. The scene with the sake, his wife's picture, and his bittersweet tales of wartime triumph is among my favorite scenes in any movie.(I saw this in July 2017.)

Joseph Brennan

This is one of those movies were everything feels 80s like music clothes and the romance but this movie helps peoples confidence for If they're getting bullied in school and to stand up to them also macchio and Morita have such good chemistry and Daniel larusso acted by Ralph macchio is frustrated from getting bullied by the cobra kai gang and he wants to protect ali mills acted by Elisabeth shue but he wants to learn karate so he can defend himself and Mr miyagi acted by Pat Morita trys to teach him by basic things but Daniel gets mad because he thinks hes being a slave but is secretly learning karate and this is the best karate kid movie because in the reboot he suffered less than what Daniel went through and this is not just a movie this can help people build confidence and inspire them


The Karate Kid is one of the better teen films of the 1980's. While some of the teen films idealized Gen-Xer life, the Karate Kid tells the story of the new kid in town who can't find his place. At the beginning of the film, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and his single mother have moved from New Jersey to the San Fernando Valley in the Los Angeles area. He finds love with a schoolmate, Ali (Elizabeth Shue) but his nemesis becomes the girl's ex-boyfriend and his buddies. Turns out ex-boyfriend and company are a gang of teen bullies who are taught martial arts, "karate" in Japanese, by an amoral teacher who likens martial arts to military combat. He tells his students "no mercy". The gang misuses their abilities particularly against Daniel who is unable to defend himself because he knows nothing of martial arts combat.Luckily, the manager of the small apartment house is Mr Miyagi (Pat Morita). When he learns of the boys misfortunes, particularly after he has a first-hand encounter with the ruffians, Miyagi agrees to teach the young Daniel about martial arts, "karate". They strike a deal with the militant karate teacher, who is opposite in philosophy to Miyagi, that Daniel will enter a karate tournament, and until then, the "gang" must leave him alone. Miyagi points out that there are no bad students, just "bad teachers". He also says that karate is the last resort, not the first.Daniel is then put to work in which he has to wash cars, paint fences, and sand floors. It seems that Daniel is just being an indentured servant to Miyagi, but as the scenes unfold we learn that the point was not to paint the fence and wash the cars. In probably the most memorable scene of the film, Miyagi says "Show me sand the floor." We find out the real point behind Daniel's chores.This is an incredibly uplifting film and has an exceptional story arc. The film is called the Karate Kid which of course refers to the title character. However, for nearly half the film, Daniel knows nothing of karate. He must learn at the feet of Miyagi and that he becomes first a novice then an adept in the world of karate. Part of the story is the universal narrative device of teacher and pupil. The relationship between Miyagi and Daniel evolve from one of uncertainty to mentor-student which for me is the strongest aspect of the film. Filmmakers often forget that while we the audience desire the protagonist to succeed, there should be lots of obstacles in his or her way. If the conquest is too easy, then there's not a lot to root for. Daniel has to climb some very steep mountains before he becomes the "karate kid". Definitely a film which has more or less withstood from the 1980's and is far less dated than other offerings of the period. Personally, this is a far stronger film than "The Breakfast Club".