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Prey (2007)

May. 18,2007
| Adventure Horror Thriller

An American family on holiday in Africa becomes lost in a game reserve and stalked by vicious killer lions.


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Ali Shaheed

Watched this movie a few weeks ago while holed up in my hotel room in Durban. It was so bad, especially the special effects that I had a good laugh...40 minutes into this garbage it became too far-fetched and I just switched off the TV.It starts off quite well. A white expat, working on a dam project brings his family over to spend a few days with him at what looks like a super luxury lodge (the sort that common in South Africa and Botswana).Along with his new wife, there is also his bratty daughter is going through what seems like misplaced teen angst (imagine flying all the way to South Africa to act like a bratty lil bitch). They all eventually end up going on a drive through the wilderness in Land Rover and that's when all hell breaks loose.


Oh my. Just finished watching Prey. WOW what a movie. Judging on how harsh the reviews were, I wasn't expecting a lot, but give us something more! The idea was perfect. People stranded with blood-craving lions. Who wouldn't want to see that. This film could have been SO much better if I made some minor adjustments....:1. Those freakin kids. 1. The boy- WORST ACTOR EVEEEEER! I've never seen someone look and talk like a robot at the same time. And he complained ALL the time. I understand your in the desert, but really? "Amy I'm tired, Amy I'm thirsty, Amy I have to go to the bathroom, Amy I'm hungry, Amy there are lions" God he sucked.2. The girl- I've seen her act before and she's not bad, but the writer just kept feeding her such cheesy dialog. And when a lion would attack....you will want to stab your ears with knifes. I'll give you a basic overview of most scenes: 1. Lion attacks. 2. Girl opens mouth. 3. Girl opens eyes. 4. Girl repetitive says "OMG" "OMG". (and this happens during EVERY scene with a lion.2. The dad- He was only in one scene with the lions but I still hated him. So he's walking over to his wife and kids, right, and then a lion comes, and its a good 15-20 feet to the left of him. The wife screams- "There's a lion , look out". The husband makes no effort to look or even turn around to see if shes actually telling the truth. I guess he though she was lying or something? So he screams- "What?". Wife- ""There is a lion!" Husband- "Wat"?. Wife- "Lion". Park Ranger- "Dont move". Husband moves his head like an inch...o there's the lion, silly me. The wife was perfect for the role. She shut those freakin kids up exactly when I wanted her to, and she wasn't to bad to look at either. Overall, bad movie, but could have been better with improved writing.


Not much to say, beyond what has already been said. It seemed to remind a lot of "The ghost and the Darkness." Well, there was a tough hunter guy... and in "Congo" too. That should tell you something about the kind of stereotyping that sinks movies like this. Pity. It seems like, if they could have resisted this cliché, they would have HAD to come up with a much more original plot. Well, these hardly encouraging comparisons aside, isn't it strange how every park ranger is white? Is it really like that? Though, when you think of how expendable they are, it's kind of like what happens when you take token red-shirt blacks guys and just shift to negatives. Weird. But when you look them up, everyone but the American family is African-born. Interesting. Who would have thunk?When you think about it, not only does this movie have a lot of interesting locations, it is also more fast-paced than most give it credit for. There was a sort of stand-off with the lions, which was over in the first half hour of the movie - then the plot was already elsewhere. In other words: Even though it admittedly seems slow, a lot does happen in a short while. Think about it: A generally more accepted horror movie like "The Ruins" had one location, no more. Interesting use of modern technology (like a camera to spot keys), not even in a gimmicky cam-movie, shows real promise. So give this one a watch, after all.


I knew beforehand that 'Prey' was going to be an awful film but my family enjoys such movies so I joined them to spend some quality time. Most of the movie is unintentionally funny. With a talented actor like Peter Weller and a usually capable Bridget Monaghan, I at least expected some decent acting but they both fail on that front. Though I must add that Monaghan has never looked hotter. I liked the landscape shots but if landscape is all I wanted to see then I could just watch a travel documentary instead. Of course the scenes where the lions attack and eat the stupid characters were amusing. 'Prey' is a crappy movie but it's funny too. However, I cannot excuse it for discriminating against the poor lions and lionesses who are already an endangered species. Moreover their 'killing' is shamelessly glamourized.