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2:37 (2006)

May. 26,2006
| Drama

At 2:37, someone commits suicide in the school lavatory. The day is told up to that point from the viewpoint of six different students.


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I think this Australian film has to be one of deepest and darkest drama films I've seen.This film is brilliant, an excellent as the story, but you will absolutely find it shocking and disturbing.The beginning scene showed that someone committed suicide at 2:37 pm in school, but don't tells me who did die, so the story begins tells from the start of the day, there are 6 main teen characters (Teresa Palmer's character is one of them). All these main characters had own personal problems, and it will make you wonder who one of these will kill himself at the end.It has terrible life stories and dark secrets, but this is what high school is like for many people. It's like the movie of the show "13 Reasons Why" from the 2000s.In the fact, Teresa Palmer was discovered on the street and cast in this movie without an audition and without ever having acted before. She was obviously the reason why I watched it lol. She gave a superb performance and her character had the darkest story.


(This film is now in my favorites list.)First of all, I like watching suicide themed films because they are depressing and make me cry. I liked the story line very much and expected a lot from this film, though I was a little bit worried about how they are going to tackle such a serious issue (suicide). The beginning was nothing extraordinary. Six teens introduce themselves as they talk to someone, probably an interviewer. We start to see each one's personal life and struggles and the film switches from one teen to another. We learn that all of them suffer from depressing thoughts and deal with their own personal hell, whether that means a strict/absent parent (Marcus) or an embarrassing medical condition (Steven). What made the film incredible for me was that I could relate to most teens on many levels and I thought the screenwriter and director did handled this very sensitive topic incredibly well. Also, the actors were considerably believable.The way this movie is filmed makes you sympathize with all 6 people to some extent. It doesn't make excuses for the heroes' actions but it explains why they do what they do and you can feel for them. I felt like I was back in high school for once more. The bullying theme is very strong in this film, which is another issue to pay attention to.The end came with a twist which I had predicted. The person that has committed suicide is not among the six teens that share their feelings for the documentary, it's the girl (Kelly) that had no one to share her feelings with. All other characters have some sort of connection with someone. Steve has Kelly asking him if he's okay, Marcus also talks to Kelly, Melody has a girl friend etc. But we see Kelly all alone in each take, she's like a ghost, walking in the corridors and trying to talk to people and care for them while no one cares for her in return. All in all, I think this film is worth-viewing and watching again and again. It gives you food for thought. Suicide is no joke. People who keep their feelings bottled up are the ones who need help the most. We should pay attention to everyone and not only care about our world, our life, our problems because we could be missing serious signs that could lead to suicide. Especially in high school, teens are suffering from bullying and neither their parents nor their teachers can identify the problem. I am glad films like this exist so we can shed some light on this horrific trend.


I watched this movie at the listening and pronunciation lesson. This movie really touched me. This film that leaves a big impact on its' viewers. At 2.37 one afternoon starts with blood coming from under a door and a student commits suicide in the toilets .We do not learn who it is until the end of the film. But there are several candidates. The plot unfolds in flashback. The film takes place over one school day leading up to the events of the beginning. This school is pretty typical. As we see the lives of many students it becomes apparent they all have a reason to hurt themselves or each other. Pregnancy, wetting yourself , homosexuality, incest all come into play as the motives. It also seems melodramatic as everybody has a problem. The ones don't speak up that have the real problems. It is a film about being selfish and not noticing the lives and problems of those around you. I actually think most people in High School at some stage feel invisible, ignored and unwanted. These events can be in every school; especially in high schools. Because students are many problems during their adolescences. About soundtrack, it was both haunting and terrifying when the chatter of the school ground rang out over the music.Some scenes are a little hard to watch, in particular the five-minute-long suicide scene. The ending is so shocking, and so what one would not expect. Even though it finishes up with sadness, I like this film .If one asks me about this movie, I strongly advise it.


I think 2:37 certainly should be seen by parents and teachers. Because nobody knows that what happen of teenagers' life and about their worlds. And , I think so many parents do not want to understand them and parents have never thought that teenagers have problems. That idea can not be accepted. Actually, they fight with themselves as in this movie. There are six teenagers and different problems. Although all of them to be friend, in reality not. Everyone busy with yourself but one.all of them have problems and most teenagers do not look around . just they want to change something according to them. In my opinion, these people are miserable because they don't never know what is the friendship. It is really shame for them. Anyway, that one lives bad days. She loves Marcus but he doesn't care her love. Maybe it is seen that she has not got any problems in her life. but actually nobody cares somebody's life or problems or such as other things in that school. They don't communicate with each other. she consistently tries to speak Marcus. But he doesn't want to speak with her. Then ,she starts to be desperate. although she is interested in friends, nobody does not take care of hers . So, she decides to kill herself.