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Madrid, 1987

Madrid, 1987 (2011)

September. 22,2011
| Drama

Two characters: old and young; teacher and pupil; man and woman. Four walls within which they conjure intellectualism, relive the profession (journalism), explore politics and discover each other.


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Had potential but pretentious and mostly boring.Mardrid 1987 had heaps of potential: themes like the passing on of knowledge from generation to generation, experience vs youthful innovation, formula vs originality.Yet, it just scratches the surface on these themes. Instead it is overly consumed with hearing an old guy bloviate on all kinds of meaningless, pretentious things.The only saving grace is the girl who is stunningly beautiful and tempers some of the old guy's painful speeches. Unfortunately, she doesn't come any where near to balancing it out: he has about 90% of the dialogue... A much better movie would have been where she counters every in-my-day diatribe or senseless musing with some witticism of her own.On that note, here's hoping to see Maria Velverde in many more movies. She is the only reason to watch this, ultimately.

Michael Malak

It's not a masterpiece, but it's an important movie that I'm glad was made and that I was fortunate enough to see. Like changing a diaper, this film is not fragrant or glamorous, but outlines a very basic reality of the man-woman relationships; Old wrinkled geezer wanting to get into panties of a young and beautiful girl, just for the heck of it, just to feel alive for a little longer. And the young beautiful girl not unwilling to let him - just for the opportunity to spice-up her dull existence, learn something (anything) from an older, more experienced person, And maybe, just-maybe, forward her artistic career as a result of it. And for us, old geezers, it's an opportunity to look in the mirror and see how pathetic we look, literally and figuratively speaking. Important movie.


Please, you can push some boundaries maybe some of the time... but this is beyond bizarre!! This beautiful, intelligent, young woman .. binged.it/1sxD2zK .. is going to get herself totally naked, pretty much just on the suggestion that she should.. winding up locked in a dingy bathroom for a whole day, sharing one dirty towel, with an old bag of nicotine laced Sacristán bones. And ya gotta buy into her doing all this, for really not so much any meaningful reason. If that's not enough in itself, she then incredibly winds up getting it on (literally) with him.. more than once!! And then as unfathomably as it all began, it ends abruptly with placement of doubt as towards the future. In just what universe is this all EVER going to remotely happen.


David Trueba, like most of his Spanish fellow directors, is a man with lots of ideas, which unfortunately rely on gimmicks to present this basically two character film that feels claustrophobic, not only in its setting, which takes place in a locked bathroom where a couple cannot escape from. The film is hermetic in form, relying on the fact that the couple is trapped inside a room with no possible solution for getting out of their predicament. Miguel, a respected journalist, is admired by a young Angela, who wants to write and figures she can create an interest in the older man, whose only interest, plain and simple, is to have sex with the luscious woman. As the two get trapped, one thing comes out clear, Angela, with her young, supple body, stands in stark contrast against the aging Miguel, whose aging body is a turn off for Angela. Mr. Trueba gives the best lines to Miguel, while poor Angela has nothing to show but her charms. The director makes sure his male star, Jose Sacristan is only photographed from the chest up, hiding his manhood from indiscreet exposure, but Maria Valverde has the difficult task of being a vulnerable and naked Angela.When all is said and done, there is nothing but blah, blah, blah.