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Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos (2012)

February. 07,2012
| Adventure Animation Comedy Family

Puss in Boots is on a mission to recover the Princess' stolen ruby from the notorious French thief, Whisperer. Reluctantly accompanied by three little kittens, Three Diablos, Puss must tame them before they endanger the mission.


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Horst in Translation ([email protected])

These 13 minutes tell us the story of what happened to Puss in Boots after his first feature film. The princess asks him to recover a stolen ruby from an evil sorcerer. But before he can do that he has to tame a trio of wild kittens. (He may have been just like them a couple years ago.) Of course, after some initial struggling, that is exactly what he does and the kittens help him in fighting the evil wizard. Director Raman Hui worked on several "Shrek" film and also on "Puss in Boots", not as a director as he does here, but still he had some impact and finally got his own film, even if it's not that long. We'll see how his upcoming film "Monster Hunt" turns out. Writer Tom Wheeler also came up with the script for the original "Puss in Boots" and Antonio Banderas is also back of course. The rest of the cast are not known to me. I just saw that there will be a second feature movie maybe in 3 years from now and people who enjoyed the first will certainly be curious. These are also the ones that should give "The Three Diablos" a watch. Nothing outstanding, but a decent little short.


Puss in Boots:The Three Diablos is a 2012 CGI short. These days a successful cartoon film will lead to sequels and spin-offs as well as animated shorts which tend to be DVD extras.This short serves as a sequel to Puss in Boots and again features Antonio Banderas as the voice of the cavalier cat.Here Puss in Boots on a mission to recover a stolen ruby belonging to a princess from a notorious French thief known as the Whisperer. He is accompanied by what at first sight look like three cute little kittens known as the Three Diablos (devils in Spanish.) This is because they have a habit of turning mischievous. Puss must tame them before they endanger the mission.The short is not complex or deep but is entertaining enough for younger kids. I could guess that the three kittens would be troublesome.

Paul Magne Haakonsen

Kind of interesting how much "Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos" managed to do in just 13 minutes. This short animated movie with the lovable Puss in Boots character is actually enjoyable - albeit quite short.The story is about Puss in Boots who gets hired by a queen to find and return her stolen ruby. To help him find the thief's hideout, he is given the help of three fiendish kittens.There is action, comedy, romance and drama in this animated movie, and all in just 13 minutes.This was a short, but adorable story, that even had a morale to it.If you have 13 minutes to spare, and if you enjoy animated movies (or enjoy Puss in Boots in particular) then you should sit down and watch "Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos", it might just put a smile on your face.


nice. and this is a virtue. charming. and this is really admirable. short. and its is the best fact. a story and its new page. a character who becomes a kind of father. an adventure and a silly queen, four cats and moral lesson. a small joke and part of new adventures of brave Puss in Boots. sure, nothing original. but it is not a problem. the hero must be fresh. he is not only a hero or a renegade. he has noble feelings and precise sword. he is romantic, gentle and protective. he is king and few princes are a very good ingredient. and beginning for new form of adventures. a heart of crown - this is this short film in which honey of sentimental Puss and image of new generation, after a seductive friend is essence of a interesting product.