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The Fog

The Fog (2005)

October. 14,2005
| Drama Horror Thriller Mystery

Trapped within an eerie mist, the residents of Antonio Bay have become the unwitting victims of a horrifying vengeance. One hundred years earlier, a ship carrying lepers was purposely lured onto the rocky coastline and sank, drowning all aboard. Now they're back – long-dead mariners who've waited a century for their revenge.


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This is one of the WORST remakes of all time!!!! I kid you not. A terrible film & an absolutely pointless remake of a perfect Horror CLASSIC. Everything about this movie is TERRIBLE, why they remade it like this is beyond me??? TOM ATKINS from the BRILLIANT 1980 classic was a fantastic average joe blue collar middle aged guy who was perfect for the little coastal fishing town a real gritty type of local hero fisherman named Nick Castle & in this horrendous remake we have a young PATHETIC ripped up pretty boy who can't Act at all!!! POINTLESS. The ghost pirates look TERRIBLE all terrible C.G.I fx & no proper make up!!! The 1980 ghost pirates looked AMAZING & stand up even better today!!! All the cast in this remake are TERRIBLE absolutely TERRIBLE. Can't believe Carpenter & Hill was producers on this big pile of poop. The original CLASSIC fog (1980) had outstanding atmosphere & excellent scary music & a fantastic ensemble cast with amazing fx. This remake has TERRIBLE fx, Terrible acting, Terrible music it's a Terrible & cheap looking TEEN film where everyone is not real or normal they are all PLASTIC LOOKING MODELS!!! ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS


Though many have said a great deal of negative things about this movie, and on many counts I totally agree, I believe that The Fog has a great deal of potential. The acting would probably have been better if they brought in a set of toddlers and gave them the scripts (sarcasm). The best actor was Elizabeth, but that is not saying much. What this story needs is a descent director and a better budget. The computer animation was fairly well done as 2005 movies go. No, what this story needs is someone to streamline the progression of the plot and add more character development while also adding a scare factor greater than negative five. Much of the story, while intriguing, was marred by the bad acting and a management team that deserved to be fired. I, personally, am hoping to see another remake of The Fog in the next decade or so, and when it happens I would very much like to be on the staff or better yet the editor.

Steven Freekin

This film doesn't deserve the IMDb rating of 3.0.The film improved on a lot of what the original film lacked. By comparison the original is more of a live action comedy cartoon than a horror film.The film takes place in Oregon. Although it does look a lot like Oregon the film was actually shot in British Columbia, which was part of Oregon Country.If you're a fan of horror or ghost stories than give this film a shot. It's a contemporary re-imagining of the original film and it even pays tribute faithfully to the original. The back story that the film used to explain the fog was pretty cool and makes a lot of sense. Not a great film but a well made effort. I really enjoyed it.


OK, I don't usually write bad reviews but this movie is dreadful. The casting was awful, most of the acting was horrible and the story was filled with so many holes it is unbelievable that it made it to the theaters.They cast a comedian who can't act serious as the sidekick in a horror movie? There are shots of the girls who have their shirts pulled up on one side while doing the dishes just to show their underwear? The 2 main stars find 3 dead bodies on the boat so they split up and the girl hears a clank downstairs so she goes down there by herself right after finding 3 MURDERED bodies! The cop asks the mayor if he should arrest a murder suspect!!?? For some reason the 3 murders were filled on a personal camera on the boat but the cops don't take it into evidence, they just leave it on the boat...they don't even look at it!!I could go on and on. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. PLEASE.