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The Meg

The Meg (2018)

August. 10,2018
| Horror Action Science Fiction

A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.


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When you go to movies, you need to 'suspend your disbelief" and have good fun. The Meg is one of those movies you can take your kids too, there are no 'f-words", sex scenes, or anything else that is rude, it's just plain escapist fun for the next 90 minutes or so. I don't understand why some people have to be 'so serious" and pan this movie. We have a great mix of action, scary moments that make you jump out of your seat and some comedy with great one liners. Jason Statham is perfect for the role as the deep sea rescue expert who was drummed out of the military for not saving everyone in a rescue gone wrong because he confronted "The Meg" , a giant prehistoric shark and then things went south, as nobody believed him...now 5 years latter "The Meg" is back to bite everyone in the ass and eat them, and he is vindicated as in "I told you so" and becomes the reluctant hero to save the day. Yes it's cheesy, funny and far fetched but it's great fun, my wife and I enjoyed it along with our friends in a movie night out, well worth the ticket. It's beautifully photographed, the CGI effects are very good and it presents great on the big screen. Go enjoy it, let your hair down, switch of your 'serious switch" and immerse your self in 90 minutes of Jaws with a cheesy twist, super sized and thank God, the Megalodon is extinct...we hope!


It's not easy to create another movie about shark, since we have seen good ones by Steven Spielberg and others. I must give credit to the team who made this film, and it's not living under the shadow of Jaws. It's a different story, and there is some new ideas in it. The CG is quite good, and the movie is entertaining at least. Of course Jason Statham adds some points to it, and Bingbing Li is delightful to look at. It's not perfect, the ending part which happens near a beach doesn't quite make sense. But overall I would say I didn't waste my time buying tickets to watch in the cinema. It was a good 90 mins of entertainment.


If you enjoy predictable, rigidly formulaic monster moves with 2d characters acted by wooden actors, with a splash of tacky cutes and a dash of trite romantic interest, then this is the film for you. No exciting twists, no unexpected turns, no exceptional performances. Just the same ole same ole - including the standard world weary, unjustly discredited, reluctant, boozy hero.

Edgar Allan Pooh

. . . extinct for two million years, and Arch Demons for at least that long. However, the filmmakers at the always eponymous Warner Bros. use THE MEG to warn us that both of these assumptions are likely fallacies. Just as a man-made thermal updraft allows a couple of megs to escape the methane barrier imprisoning them for eons, Warner seems to be suggesting that the Devil's Disciples toiling for the Kremlin's Red Commie KGB have unleashed the noxious hot air of a vicious buffoon to resurrect Lucifer from the Gates of Hell to preside in America's once Hallowed Oval Office. By depicting "Jonas Taylor" as initially stymied in his attempts to eradicate the monsters chewing up his friends, Warner's allegory warns us that it will be very difficult to impeach a Game-Show-Host-in-Chief just because he's Possessed by Satan. Is Warner literally prescribing depth charges and heavy artillery to deal with this current threat to the USA's very survival? That's a tough one to answer for those lacking the time to watch Shark Week. In any event, Citizens should be thankful that Warner is helping us through our current travails with THE MEG.