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Mechanic: Resurrection

Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

August. 26,2016
| Action Thriller Crime

Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents.


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Movie Review: "Mechanic: Resurrection" (2016)As main cast Jason Statham and Jessica Alba seem up for this action task, director Dennis Gansel stumbles over a shallow script even worse sequence editing as not one single action scene is able to reach the superior standards of the 2011 Simon West directed remake of a Charles Bronson starred relatively un-appreciated 1970s action flick. FAZIT: Picture rejected (cut)Copyright 2018 Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC


Depiction of Penang where John stay looks like a run down shack, which does not exist. Penang streets depicted in the movie looks like a back alley of new York, dirty, trashy and disgusting. Penang is nothing close to that. Please do not misrepresent my island just so to fit in a profile to suit your western mindset. This is a disgusting movie.


MECHANIC: RESURRECTION is a sequel to the first film, which itself was a remake of an old '70s vehicle for Charles Bronson. Jason Statham returns as the bald-headed assassin for a new story in which he finds himself forced to assassinate a trio of targets in order to save a kidnapped woman. The story is nothing special, merely a template for lots of globe-trotting stylistics and plenty of well-directed action sequences.I notice this film has been panned by critics and audiences alike, but I feel puzzled and as if I saw a different movie. There's nothing majorly wrong with this movie. Sure, it's a little CGI heavy at times, but it has a lightness of touch that makes it a fun watch, and plenty of hard-hitting fight scenes that have great choreography. The opening fight, inspired by the likes of THE RAID 2, is by far the best part of the movie, and it never again quite reaches the same highs, but the rest is still engaging.Statham's kill missions are suspenseful and one of them has a jaw-dropping, laugh-out-loud denouement. Statham is his usual brooding presence and looks bad-ass with a beard, while Jessica Alba isn't too annoying. The villain is weak but Tommy Lee Jones has an amusing minor role as a quirky character. Best of the lot is Michelle Yeoh, underutilised yes, but it's still good to see her. MECHANIC: RESURRECTION is noisy and dumb, but also exciting and fast-paced. I really enjoyed it.


This is what happens when people do things exclusively for the money. Jason Stratham the star is a player in the movie industry and has made some impressive films based on his ability to make fighting look good. I remember him in an interview emphasizing how he is in it for the money or something to that affect and I thought nothing wrong with that as long as it is a win-win. He managed to hold my attention steadily until this movie. At first, I was intrigued expecting to see him do his thing but then I saw how he took his niche and just maxed it out as in more bang for the buck in a shoot it all up anything goes yahooooo I was disappointed.. Of course the viewers get the bang he gets the buck. It starts to get a little old when you get into the movie as we are asked to believe that anything he wants to do he does and mind you, he has no super powers either! That's taking it a bit too far but it manages to hold your attention until 2/3 into the movie where you might find yourself wishing he dies or the movie ends. In other words, overload on the premises of super-fighter never gets a scratch and always wins. I couldn't help think about Daniel Craig's James Bond who doesn't push it too far and he still needs luck to come out and not just movie magic even though you wonder but its done in a subtle way. The Bonds prior to that sort of got corny and comic bookish only because they couldn't do martial arts. Here, he does martial arts until you wonder how long can you keep this up? That's where the viewer gets tired and wants out. Perhaps Stratham wants out too but with all the movie money he can garner? How about leaving with class? Give us some fine performances, good story and memorable scenes so we can have fond thoughts of your career. You already have the money. Here's an idea. Time-out may help Jason here. He may get bored, want to do another flick and insist on quality or no deal. Lets hope so. Is this worth seeing? Yes only because he does do a nice fight scene but if he always wins against all odds without effort and never gets a scratch or can't be stopped, maybe he should start his own comic book. The woman in the movie doesn't capture your heart and I find it hard to believe it captures his on screen too. Story is weak and well enough said...See it so you can say ...Yes, I saw it. Popcorn will help here to keep you satisfied when the movie doesn't plus a tasty drink