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The Commuter

The Commuter (2018)

January. 12,2018
| Action Thriller Mystery

A businessman, on his daily commute home, gets unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy that threatens not only his life but the lives of those around him.


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The Commuter is the latest action thriller starring Liam Neeson. In a film in which he portrays a character he has done many times before, as he knows how to entertain audiences. The Commuter is a quick and simple, yet thrilling and suspenseful action film. From the same director as other previous Liam Neeson films (Non Stop, and Run the Night), this film does what its expected. Which is to entertain and deliver several scenes and moments of suspense. Although somewhat predictable in the end, The Commuter is still a great ride and worth the watch.


Actually very entertaining but also quite common Liam Neeson auctioner that was really full of holes like Swiss cheese. Too bad, because it had some tense and fine style as well as interesting cinematography but the problem was that the format is really dried out now... we saw the same kind of thing in "Non-Stop" by the same actor/director duo and this time the story just takes place on a train and is even more unbelievable just like many of the stunts. Too bad that a good cast was wasted. Next to Liam Neeson, who really was not in top form here, we have Vera Farmiga in a wasted role that mostly focuses on a voice performance only. Sam Neill who was also quite non existing except for the beginning and ending. But I always love to see him. Patrick Wilson did his usual boring thing. Good to see Jonathan Banks and Elizabeth McGovern who almost had no lines. The score was good some effects decent and it never got boring but even if you try to switch off the logic you just can't, its so illogical its funny how it got a green light. Oh well never change a winning team or concept I think... but maybe its time to do so now.


What makes this movie awful is that it tries to be a serious movie. If there were some sense of humor, or a sense of the absurd, maybe it could rate higher. The plot is so senseless and ridiculous; the basic premise doesn't even hold up. The acting is wooden and primitive. I would single out Patrick Wilson and Holdbrook-Smith for exceptionally lousy performances. Also I was under the impression that even lo budget productions are able to put out realistic, engrossing fight sequences nowadays. I have seen more realism in slapstick Kung Fu movies. I was going to rate it 3 or 4 stars, but I ask myself 'why?'. This sucked, and I felt 90 minutes dumber than I did before watching this crap.


This man never aged, I'm always excited to watch his movies