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Blood Punch

Blood Punch (2014)

February. 21,2014
| Horror Thriller

Milton, a college dropout, was only supposed to cook meth for one day. Broken out of rehab by a brash young woman and her trigger-happy ("ex") boyfriend and driven to a remote cabin the woods, Milton finds himself drawn into a dangerous love triangle gone haywire. The couple's deadpan half-truths spin around Milton like a song on repeat. They seem to read him like an open book, until a mysterious message opens his eyes to his cursed existence. With unlimited ammunition, any hunting tool they could desire, and an ever-growing body count, for what did Milton really sign up?


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Paul Magne Haakonsen

When I sat down to watch "Blood Punch" I hadn't heard about it. I picked up the movie and was intrigued by the front cover. I read the synopsis on the back and it seemed fairly interesting. So why not give it a chance?This was sort of a morbid twist on "Ground Hog Day". But this horror version just didn't really pan out for me. Sad to say.The storyline just was a bit too muddy and scrambled for my liking, and there weren't really any great progression to the storyline. It just took forever for the movie to virtually go nowhere. So no great achievement here for director Madellaine Paxson or writer Eddie Guzelian.It should be said that the acting was good, although the actors and actresses had very little to work with in terms of storyline and script. Milo Cawthorne actually carried the movie quite well with his performance.I managed to sit through the entire movie, although it was a struggle to remain in my seat for the last half of the movie.

Reno Rangan

You won't believe this was made by some first timer. Obviously you would find similarity with films like 'Groundhog Day' and 'Edge of Tomorrow' or even with 'The Deaths of Ian Stone', but the point is what makes this one special. Being a B movie makes one of the advantages, but there's no compromise in quality. In fact, it never required any graphics. Everything was managed so well, since it was 95 per cent minimal cast film and takes place in a single isolated location and its surroundings. So what I meant is this is a small gem. If you ever thought of trying B movie, but hesitated for many reasons, so this is the one to pick, especially if you like thrillers.The story narration has the time loop influence. It opened in a drug rehab centre where a youngster named Milton was approached by a beautiful girl Skyler to cook crystal meth for her. So the same night they two breakout with the help of her boyfriend Russell to the woods where they do what they have come for. But the next morning, Milton sees a big change, particularly by Skyler. He never realises that until another next day. For us, the viewers, this is the part to focus as the turning point in the narration.So the day keeps repeating itself as a 24 hour loop from where it all started, but with a different events every day, like giving another chance not knowing why. So they try to figure it out and in a meanwhile, they fall for each other. When one day they think they got a way out, that brings a new trouble as the solution needs a sacrifice or betrayal. Who choose what or is there any other way that told in the remaining film."Not a single enemy left. Not a single friend either."This theme really needed to be very smart, because most of the viewers to question the flaws. So in a couple of times I said there it goes one, how could they did miss it. But then they proved me wrong in a few minutes later. The writing was so good. He and the director were usually worked on the children's films, but they surprised us with this little gem. Honestly, they deserve to work on the bigger projects with full freedom to execute their creativity. So I am definitely expecting their next feature film would come soon or maybe a follow-up to this.My advice is for you not to underestimate it after seeing its trailer or the poster, or even reading some bad remarks. Like I said, its not a big production's fancy film, but with its limit, it did try its best to give up-to our expectation. So don't mind the actors, actually they were so cool. I thought the lead girl was Daniella Monet, then later realised she's different. She is the girl who fled the village to Rohan after Orcs attached them in the film LOTR. Now she's all grown up and did great in this.This could be easily called an sci-fi-thriller, but according to the story and the direction of its development, surely it belongs to fantasy-thriller. Whatever, don't go for it thinking it is a horror film, if you are a fan of that genre. Because it merely fits with that. Anyway, it is a very entertaining film, the suspense holds for us a very long with the fine pace of the story narration. It is one of the best among the B movies I had seen so far and overall from the time loop themes. I do recommend it, but for the selected people.7.5/10


One of those pro or contra flicks, no in between and for me it was a contra. Sold as a horror I asked myself, where's the horror?It's not because it has some supernatural stuff going on that it immediately is a horror. Oh yes, it contains blood but it never becomes scary or even creepy. The story goes in a circle and it's killing the same person over and over again, every time in a different way. But it's the conversations that are sometimes a bit foolish. I thought by reading a few reviews that it was bloody as hell, for me it was underneath that. Not my cup of tea.Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5


It's Groundhog Day meets Blood Simple. At least, that's the way the writer and director describe this well written and performed indie horror film.Don't let the fact that the writer and director are married and worked on Disney films (like Power Rangers) most of their career. Don't let the fact that the three main leads (two of THEM are married) are Power Rangers. No, really. Frickin' Power Rangers. It helps to have a good past working relationship with your crew/cast and this film's result is solid proof.The story is edgy, fun and smart. The plot plays out like a mystery/thriller and doesn't let you down in the end.It was a huge hit at the Austin Film Festival and won the audience award.