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The Evil Within

The Evil Within (2017)

June. 13,2017
| Horror

The sadistic tale of a lonely, mentally handicapped boy who befriends his reflection in an antique mirror. This demonic creature orders him to go on a murderous rampage to kill the people he loves most.


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The movie was good i like dark psychological horror so this was a surprise i wasnt expecting much and really enjoyed the movie. I enjoy movies that have something diffrent than run of the mill horror so i liked it


Dina meyer from starship troopers fame, and yep she was hot back in the days, and patrick flannery from boondocks saints, both actors I havent seen in a movie since above mentioned titles, so yep its a a mixed bag here. the bizarre" people are talking about It's just that smaller budget movies/ homecrafting movies often has that troma look. It's great to be creative and im sure the makers had fun doing this film, As a viewer, It was to drawn out and felt longer and never really built up any atmosphere. theres some titties, some gore towars the end but that,s pretty much it


A young mentally handicapped boy who lives with his older brother life begins to crumple after he's brother brings him an antique mirror in his room, and a old demon who lives in it demend he do evil things to his family. The Evil Within is a very sadistic and twistic tale of loneliness and how it is to be different in this world. What I liked the most about this film is it's originality, and what limit the director is ready to go. The young Frederick Koehler, is really greati in this film.

Bob An

This film is so much better that the rating below 6 !It is interesting from the 1st second til the last one - you can not say that for many films. The opening of the film was very unusual that it is almost like a fairy tale setting in an eerie land...but I think the one thing about this film that stands out is really the setting of the whole film! The fact that you can not say for sure what is a dream - if it is a dream - and what is reality - if there is reality - is what makes this film so much better than many others of any genre.The main character is just phenomenal in his role! Really, his acting is worth a 10 alone. His brother is quite good too and the woman from social. The fiancée was rather so-so...To me this is not a horror movie - though it certainly does have elements of horror and creatures that are mostly found in horror ones - but more of psychological monologue/dialogue between your 'two selves'.Anyway, really interesting, really entertaining film. 9 from me, though it is close to 10!