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The Evil in Us

The Evil in Us (2016)

August. 19,2016
| Horror

While on a fourth of July holiday, six best friends fall victim to the insidious plan of a terrorist organization when they unknowingly take a bio-active drug that transforms them into bloodthirsty cannibals.


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In Seattle, the police encounter a bloody scene with a surviving mutilated girl. There is a mysterious group doing research on a virus which turns people into cannibals. Six young friends have a vacation in a remote cabin. They take a drug except for Brie which slowly turns the group of young people.There isn't much here that is new or terribly interesting. It's a small horror that never really makes me care. I don't care about the six friends. I don't care about the police investigation. I don't care about the evil secret organization. It's nothing new in terms of gore fest. There is nothing terribly wrong except there is nothing compelling.


http://volteface.me/features/spice-real- problem-poverty/ This film is a modern horror film made on A moderate budget. What it has going for it itself is the satire on politics and the war on drugs. While the media boasts tales of cannabal krocodiles and right wing war mongering. This film tries to put this into a satirical documentary. Where it fails is in regards to the psychedelic experience particular in relation to Stamford prison experiment or mk ultra. But in a day and age where drug addicts are conveniently named zombies by the media this film takes some steps to laugh at this and even suggest there is more emotional depth to a pychotic drug user. Also the best question it raises is can politicians use psychedelic experience to focus on world domination and dictatorship.


evil tea party leader and republican governor of Texas creates a virus attached to cocaine that makes people cannibals we have a pseudo "cabin in the woods" b- movie with teenagers eating each other .....yeah that is it.....thank god i didn't pay for the movie....this piece of trash will stop at nothing to smear conservatives....this isn't worth any stars and the producers should be sued for lying to the public in such a way nothing much happens in 1.5 hours....kids go to a lake ....take cocaine and become cannibals for 24h meanwhile the tea party governor of Texas who runs a separate testing lab goes on television about the war on terrorism and drug.....etc...because we all know it is your average tea party member that goes around spreading terrorist drugs on the young


My quick rating - 5,0/10. Sheer moments of brilliance in this movie get dragged down by some really bad casting and lack of continuity. The opening credits absolutely drag you in. Shot and edited wonderfully I really just wish whoever was responsible stuck around for the whole film. The story itself is nothing new. This time a group of people head to a cabin in the woods (not too cliché, right? ) for a fun filled weekend. Of course this includes the usual, drinking, sex, oh, and a virus laced bag of cocaine that turns your average paranoid user into a zombie like rage freak who only knows killing. The first crime scene found in the wake of a night of partying is a gorefest with one of the worst looking compound fractures I recall seeing in along time. Unfortunately this is where the lack of continuity kicks in. Great looking scenes like this that get lost in overdrawn pointless moments of which character can act like a bigger snob. The pacing really dragged at times and this gets distracting up until it really gets going. That being said, I found myself interested throughout and at the end you realize after being drawn into a mediocre horror film, you just watched the longest, most violent anti-drug commercial with a huge underlying tone of slamming American politics in recent history. Still worth a view if nothing better is on and for being an indie budget flick it does pack a decent punch and solid message.