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Undefeatable (1993)

March. 05,1993
| Action Thriller

The film follows Kristi Jones who, along with her gang, take part in Mafia-run street fights to earn money for her sister's college education. Kristi's sister hopes to become a doctor and pay for Kristi's education.


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Eric Stevenson

I think there's a good chance that this movie will show up on the new "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (if there is one) or at least Rifftrax. This movie is cheesy in every way possible. The bad thing about this movie isn't just the fact that the acting is poor, it's that it's a mean spirited film. There's one scene where Stingray actually rapes his wife. The entire film is badly acted, but I have never seen an actual rape scene in a bad movie. If you're taking on a very serious subject matter, you should get it done well, especially if it's meant to be taken seriously.It might only be because of this which makes this film rather sickening. Worse, at the very last fight, we have been building up to Kristi being a strong woman to take Stingray down. Instead, he's taken down by another guy. This is when I started to feel insulted, because this movie was trying to portray women as being strong and independent and it was really building up to that. Instead, the supposedly strong woman failed and had to be rescued by a man. This movie may have been enjoyable for how stupid it is, but then it just got degrading. It tells the story of a guy known as Stingray whose wife leaves him because he's abusive. Then he goes and kills women who look like her.Like, has he just gone insane? He even calls his victims by his wife's name as if he seems to really think they are her. He also refers to his wife as "Mommy", like he has mommy issues. What does any of this mean? None of this goes anywhere. There's a fight scene at the end that just ends and then another fight scene starts making the whole thing completely pointless. I'm not going to act like I know a lot about domestic violence, but it was ugly for this tacky movie to think it could seriously talk about it. This film is tasteless and deserves to be seen by no one. *


Flush with the riches of making sixty-thousand ninja themed films during the eighties, Godfrey Ho headed off to the USA to deliver what his fans had been clamouring for: A film with a cohesive narrative. Knowing that the lack of ninja action may have caused rioting throughout the world, Godfrey created a film involving a kickboxing serial killer who likes to take the eyeballs from his victims, taking place in a world where everyone is a kickboxer.Stingray is a Kevin Keegan haired, bug-eyed nutter who indulges in death matches and is already pretty unhinged by the time his wife leaves him (her psychologist advises her to do so, and it's good advice as Stingray rapes his wife over the dinner table before tucking into a steak). Coming home to find a Dear John letter, he flashes back to his childhood, or at least someone's childhood, when his mother left him for some guy. Now he thinks every lady with dark hair and flowery dresses is Anna, and they're all coming home with Stingray! Now Stingray's going about attacking couples, getting into Kung Fu fights, shouting "Anna!" and pulling people's eyeballs out, and one of his victims is the sister of street fighter…oh I've forgotten her name already, so I'll just call her Cynthia. Cynthia's out for revenge, so she's going around kicking in the heads of anyone that knows the 'Eagle Claw Technique'. Also, there's a cop going around hoofing people in the nuts too, so he teams up with Cynthia to find Stingray to give him ten rapid to the jaw.Expect New Jack Swing music and styles, bad acting (especially from Stingray, but he's entertaining as hell), cheesy dialogue, and a Pagga every five minutes or so, and you've got a Godfrey Ho classic on your hands. There's a few stand out fights, a bit of gore and loads of neon lighting. It makes a lot more sense than those ninjas films too.In far, far future when polytheism is reintroduced, I reckon Godfrey Ho will be deified.


This movie could have been one of Cynthia Rothrock best movie if it had better fight scenes,more complex theme and a good partner for Cynthia like Jeff Wincott or Richard Norton.Don Niam made an Oscar performance so i don't understand why he didn't have a good career as an actor.Cynthia Rothrock is passable, she could have been great if the director have been hired an very good martial arts choreographer for this movie.I was a Lil bit disappointed by Donna Jason because i wanted her to have a bigger part in this movie.All in all it was an entertaining movie with a very big performance of Don Niam who saved this movie from obscurity.I've seen the Chinese version of this movie called BLOODY MARY KILLER but it wasn't better than UNDEFEATABLE.It has though a great beginning with Cynthia Rothrock demonstration with weapon and has a short fight between Cynthia and Robin Shou at the middle of the movie.A friend of mine gave me a version of the movie that is like UNDEFEATABLE but has that 2 cuts from BLOODY MARY KILLER thrown in making it a better movie than UNDEFEATABLE.That version of the movie is the best and deserve a 6.5/10 in my opinion.However the movie have a limited cult film status but have gained notoriety in the late years


The Psychiastist, the cops, the common citizen, everyone knows martial arts in the world of this crazy movie!Now, if your reading this it is probably because you, like me hunt the web for entertaining bad movies. Man, you have struck the mother load. There are thousands of movies in this site that are reviewed as "so bad its good" movies, the problem is that mostly even when a movie has funny cheesy dialog, bad acting, hilariously bad scripts, sometimes the whole experience is dimmed because most of this flicks are boring, or have very long boring parts. And that's where Undefeatable stands tall, because this movie just won't take a break! There is a fight or a rape or a violent murder every five minutes at least! like if it was a rule the makers self imposed! So if you are a bad movie lover, i assure that you wont believe the rhythm this movie has, that plus incredible bad actors, plenty of cheesy greasy dialog but most important of all a script that kinda manges to tie all sub-plots! Which is the first rule of story structure!!! Of course, all the subplots are ridiculous...but they do convert!So this movie is bad as they get and at the same time totally entertaining and that is what should urge you to see it, if you call yourself a bad movie hunter. The whole thing's on you tube which i am sure infringes right laws but if you hurry you may be able to catch it.You'll be amazed, that much i can assure you.