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The Spoils of Babylon

The Spoils of Babylon (2014)

January. 09,2014
| Drama Comedy Romance

It is intended to be a spoof of the epic-scale "TV event" miniseries (such as The Thorn Birds and Rich Man, Poor Man) prevalent on American network television in the 1970s and 80s.


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This show is very original and too funny to describe. Will Ferrell plays an insane best-selling author who financed and directed a miniseries based on one of his novels. It took three years to complete the filming (1976- 1979) and the result is a ridiculously stupid farce that was finally released 35 years later. Kristen Wiig steals the show as she plays the author's wife in her only acting role. Her hammy acting and crazy facial expressions are genius. The crazy director even sought to save money by trying to pass off a mannequin in one of the leading roles. Not only that but the special effects are so phony...miniature buildings and cars, strings showing holding up airplanes...too much fun!


If you have the IFC channel, you probably knew of this show for at least 3 months. Maybe more! I don't watch enough TV to know it all. But the way this show was advertised DID NOT match how this show really is - terrible.This show/miniseries/spoof/whatever it is or is supposed to be was so heavily promoted that it was treated like the greatest breakthrough in home entertainment. IFC still promotes it around the clock even though new episodes are only on Thursdays.The show has a ton of stars or ex-stars of movies and is basically this long drawn out story of love, war, and who knows what else.What really makes this show terrible is not the comedy. This is the type of comedy anyone with a brain would not like or find funny. The joke gets old quick and every scene is predictable. You basically know how the writer's will turn a scene into a spoof of other shows and movies.There are some scenes that are OK but overall I plan on watching this show only to see how bad it gets and to see how it ends. Hopefully it ends real soon because this is about as bad as it gets.


After watching the first episode of this new show by IFC, I felt entertained.This is a parody. Those who do not appreciate parodies should not bother. Spoils of Babylon feels like an extended Saturday Night Live skit. If you don't like SNL, don't bother watching.Expect trite dialogue, bad special effects, and intentionally sappy acting. That is the point.I intend to keep watching. I hope they can introduce some unexpected story turns that will keep the show interesting.Kristen Wiig and Tim Robbins start out strong.


Don't waste your time watching this crap I was looking forward to this and was BITTERLY DISAPPOINTED with the level of garbage that this show is. I would give it a negative score if it would let me. I have never seen these actors in such awful shows and will never look at them the same again ......stupid, ......childish, ......unadulterated crap ......and then they throw in the inference of incest ....that was enough for me to delete it. I really don't get the American humour. School kids could probably do better. I hope they didn't spend too much money making this tripe. Please excuse me now while I go and scoop my eyeballs and brain out with a melon-baller to try and remove this garbage from my memory.