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After... (2006)

June. 27,2006
| Horror Thriller Science Fiction

Urban Exploration. The practice of investigating areas not designed for public use. But strange things can happen in the dark, closed-off areas of history beneath the streets of Moscow, and what started as a way for Nate to escape his grief quickly turns into a journey that forces him to confront it head-on, with nothing less than his eternal destiny hanging in the balance.


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For an obvious low budget movie (its definitely not your Hollywood money) it is an amazing achievement. When I look for a good horror film i look for atmosphere and this definitely created that. It created a knife edge, strange and odd European atmosphere which kept me intrigued to know more and the sense of the infection that grasped two of the characters was great as it made you wonder why it didn't get him therefore making you realise that the story is focused on him alone. Its a great watch as I have watched it 3 times. Definitely buy it, it is worth it. Also I like the creepy visions the guy has especially of the man with no face burying a body and the music corresponds well with the Russian underground and it creates an air of creepiness and makes you feel claustrophobic.


Director David L. Cunningham takes the audience on a rough-edged ride with three extreme thrill-seekers, running us out of the blocks with a dramatic BASE jump and hauling us into Moscow's underground subways, chiefly the infamously secret Metro-2 line purportedly built in Stalin's time. Guerrilla-style in the actual tunnels, this is head-spinning film-making, an experience where rushing trains rattle your teeth; when a character scratches his neck, your neck itches too; and you feel irradiated an hour in. Without giving it away, the movie's a head- flip on a story level too, as screenwriter Kevin Miller and Cunningham rope in themes of love, guilt, regret, and bottomless loss so densely with the adventure that you're still sifting through them long after the credits have played. The sharp intimate scenes and claustrophobic mood are highly suited for DVD view.


The director over used funky lighting effects and camera angles. My girlfriend and I both got headaches from it. I didn't really see the reason for their overuse.It was also hard to follow. People were appearing and disappearing, things were happening randomly - it just really didn't make much sense. I turned it off after a while. I don't care if I didn't get it or whatever, because I don't really think this movie is worth a terrible headache.To get a similar effect, sit in a dark room, turn on a strobe light and try to read a book in a foreign language.


OK, first & foremost this can best be described as a mind-f**k film. I'm sure there will be some reviewers out there who will see this as a "breathtaking masterpiece" but these are the same people who can see Jesus in a hunk of cheese. For those of you not blessed with this gift, you are more likely to get to the end of the movie & go Huh? It's like you took a couple of guys on acid & locked them in an editing room until they finished your movie. That being said, it does merit being watched because of the unusual camera work, the in your face lighting & big close up shots of someone's eyeball while they're freaking out (a la Blair Witch). Apparently our lead character has lost a young daughter & then base jumps off a roof, goes to Moscow, crawls underground, sees radiated people, hallucinates, sees his dead daughter, watches his friends get shot & disappear, camera spins around has flashbacks to a happier time when daughter was alive, wakes up, boards a train, sees his life flashing by on TV's then end of movie. That's all while the camera is wobbling around like a drunk on a tightrope. So if you would like some serious eye candy (or just like to get high & watch movies) then I recommend this film.