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Season 1

The Outs Season 1

March. 27,2012
| Drama Comedy

A web series centered around a broken couple, Jack and Mitchell. It depicts the events before, during, and after the break-up. An interesting turn of events follows in this romantic drama portrayed in a non-linear fashion.


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The Outs Season 1 Full Episode Guide

Episode 7 - Over It
First Aired: April. 01,2013

An obstacle arises in Jack and Scruffy's relationship, and Oona runs into Drew and his new lover.

Episode 6 - Significant Others
First Aired: November. 20,2012

Oona is unhappy with Russell. Jack and Mitchell take another step in repairing their friendship as Mitchell and Oona have a fight.

Episode 5 - Fucking It Up
First Aired: September. 24,2012

Flashback to the destruction of Jack and Mitchell's relationship.

Episode 4 - Fun Party
First Aired: July. 31,2012

Jack agrees to pick up a horribly drunk Mitchell from Oona's apartment.

Episode 3 - Moon River
First Aired: June. 18,2012

Jack has a moment with Julia Roberts, Oona branches out professionally, and Mitchell turns on the charm.

Episode 2 - Whiskey Dick
First Aired: May. 07,2012

Jack gets more than he bargained for when he tries to pick up a stranger in Williamsburg, and Oona decides that revenge is a dish best served in a little black dress.

Episode 1 - State of the Union
First Aired: March. 27,2012

Following their ugly breakup, Mitchell and Jack navigate gay life in New York.


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