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Season 2

The Outs Season 2

March. 30,2016
| Drama Comedy

A web series centered around a broken couple, Jack and Mitchell. It depicts the events before, during, and after the break-up. An interesting turn of events follows in this romantic drama portrayed in a non-linear fashion.


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The Outs Season 2 Full Episode Guide

Episode 7 - Cookie-wise
First Aired: December. 24,2016

Oona seeks out a depressed Mitchell. Jack and Paul take a big step.

Episode 6 - I'll Be the Judge of That!
First Aired: May. 04,2016

Paul surprises Jack with a visit.

Episode 5 - Gentlemen Enjoy Solitude
First Aired: April. 27,2016

Mitchell's relationship with Rob hits a wall as Jack realizes his long distance relationship with Paul is not working. Oona makes an explosive decision about her career.

Episode 4 - Now That You Are Mine
First Aired: April. 20,2016

Mitchell, Jack, and Oona have a triple date night.

Episode 3 - Golf Thing
First Aired: April. 13,2016

Mitchell asks Jack to pose as his boyfriend for a work function

Episode 2 - You're Fine, You're Fine, You're Fine
First Aired: April. 06,2016

Mitchell comes home to a shocking discovery. "Scruffy" Paul visits Jack.

Episode 1 - WDR
First Aired: March. 30,2016

With Oona now a published author, Mitchell is working as a "relationship expert", and Jack's romantic life is complicated.


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