Sin senos sí hay paraíso Season 3

June. 12,2018
| Drama Crime Mystery Action & Adventure

The beauty contest winner is crowned. The birth of a child threatens Catalina la Pequeña and Hernán Darío's relationship. A vengeful Martín returns.


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Sin senos sí hay paraíso Season 3 Full Episode Guide

Episode 69 - Episode 69
First Aired: September. 17,2018

Episode 68 - Episode 68
First Aired: September. 14,2018

Episode 67 - Episode 67
First Aired: September. 13,2018

Episode 66 - Episode 66
First Aired: September. 12,2018

Episode 65 - Episode 65
First Aired: September. 11,2018

Episode 64 - Episode 64
First Aired: September. 10,2018

Episode 63 - Episode 63
First Aired: September. 07,2018

Catalina has no idea that her biggest enemy is so close. La Diabla infiltrates the TEA with her new face and a different name.

Episode 62 - Episode 62
First Aired: September. 06,2018

Catalina la Grande loses trust in Santiago after seeing the mounting evidence. Daniel attempts to save Lucía. Jota falls into Laura's hands.

Episode 61 - Episode 61
First Aired: September. 05,2018

Following instructions, Santiago goes to the motel where he thinks Catalina la Grande and her escort are staying. Nachito gets a message from Marcial.

Episode 60 - Episode 60
First Aired: September. 04,2018

While Nachito is suffering, Catalina la Mediana makes a discovery. La Diabla undergoes her transplant. Mendieta plots against Tony and Santiago.

Episode 59 - Episode 59
First Aired: September. 03,2018

After so many obstacles, Catalina la Mediana and Nachito get married in the hospital. Mariana tries to create her own cartel. Daniel meets Martín.

Episode 58 - Episode 58
First Aired: August. 30,2018

Calvo helps La Diabla choose a new face for her transplant. Catalina and Nachito prepare their wedding. El Titi decides to put Mariana on the job.

Episode 57 - Episode 57
First Aired: August. 29,2018

El Titi is surprised to hear that Mariana hates her mother and will stop at nothing to avenge her. Martín shows up at the clinic.

Episode 56 - Episode 56
First Aired: August. 28,2018

Titi asks Mariana what she would like to study. She responds: the drug trafficking business. Catalina is sent to watch La Diabla's mother's house.

Episode 55 - Episode 55
First Aired: August. 27,2018

The doctor agrees to operate on La Diabla, who asks for a new identity and donor. Catalina la Grande is appointed to her new position.

Episode 54 - Episode 54
First Aired: August. 24,2018

Nachito believes that he does not have much time left and his last wish is to marry his love. La Diabla risks changing her face. Titi gets a DNA test.

Episode 53 - Episode 53
First Aired: August. 23,2018

Yésica Beltrán faces a harsh reality. A loved one is buried. El Titi is attracted to Mariana, who finds files that may help him.

Episode 52 - Episode 52
First Aired: August. 22,2018

Regretfully, Catalina la Grande confesses that she will pursue her own daughter like any other drug trafficker. La Diabla needs a face transplant.

Episode 51 - Episode 51
First Aired: August. 21,2018

Mariana risks revealing to Titi that her mother is a TEA agent, but he doesn't believe it. La Diabla has a blood sample from Albeiro.

Episode 50 - Episode 50
First Aired: August. 20,2018

Catalina la Grande receives a big career opportunity. La Diabla already has her child in her hands. Zoraya learns part of La Mano Negra's plan.

Episode 49 - Episode 49
First Aired: August. 17,2018

El Titi is thrilled with his new role. Catalina la Grande hides information from the police. Hilda dresses Carlos in Albeiro's clothes.

Episode 48 - Episode 48
First Aired: August. 16,2018

Albeiro confesses to Hilda that he will never forget Catalina la Grande. Catalina and Santiago lament upon learning their granddaughter was stolen.

Episode 47 - Episode 47
First Aired: August. 15,2018

Hilda begins to doubt when she sees Albeiro and Catalina la Grande. Zoraya and Mateo leave their past behind. Mariana hatches a plan.

Episode 46 - Episode 46
First Aired: August. 14,2018

Catalina la Grande and the others don't know that Paola is under Laura's spell. La Mano Negra gives Zoraya and Mateo a new identity.

Episode 45 - Episode 45
First Aired: August. 13,2018

Upon hearing that only a miracle can save Hernán Darío, Catalina la Mediana accuses Mariana of being responsible.

Episode 44 - Episode 44
First Aired: August. 10,2018

The doctors fight to save Hernán Darío's life. Unconscious, Nachito remembers what happened. Catalina la Grande is reunited with her father.

Episode 43 - Episode 43
First Aired: August. 09,2018

Mariana and her baby's father race against the clock to rescue their daughter in time. Zoraya learns she saved the life of La Mano Negra.

Episode 42 - Episode 42
First Aired: August. 08,2018

The attack results in a bloody scene, with more than one casualty. Mariana finds out that her daughter is in Nachito's house.

Episode 41 - Episode 41
First Aired: August. 07,2018

While the TEA relocates its prisoner, El Titi's thugs lie in wait to execute his plan. Jota repents. Miguel gives something to Yésica.

Episode 40 - Episode 40
First Aired: August. 06,2018

El Titi and Villa find out about the extradition to the United States and make a plan. Daniel wakes up in the hospital.

Episode 39 - Episode 39
First Aired: August. 03,2018

As revenge, Mariana plans to bomb Hernán Darío's house and blow up him and Catalina la Mediana together. La Diabla has a hidden enemy.

Episode 38 - Episode 38
First Aired: August. 02,2018

Mariana tells the father of her baby about his child. The TEA changes tactics regarding the extradition of its prisoner.

Episode 37 - Episode 37
First Aired: August. 01,2018

When she realizes that she won't be a good mother, Mariana decides to flee and live the life she's dreamed of. Strange things happen in the town.

Episode 36 - Episode 36
First Aired: July. 31,2018

Catalina la Grande is more determined than ever to capture El Titi. Mariana forms an alliance with Dayana.

Episode 35 - Episode 35
First Aired: July. 30,2018

Catalina la Grande finds out who the father of her granddaughter is. La Diabla makes an outrageous demand.

Episode 34 - Episode 34
First Aired: July. 27,2018

Mexico's second biggest drug trafficker gives the order to kill Catalina's sister. El Titi warns her and she decides to go back to the TEA.

Episode 33 - Episode 33
First Aired: July. 26,2018

Everyone believes the curse of the five women in the neighborhood has been lifted. Lucrecia gives La Diabla some advice. Nachito makes a promise.

Episode 32 - Episode 32
First Aired: July. 25,2018

Mariana refuses to give her daughter another DNA test but Hernán Darío demands it. Hilda talks to Albeiro about Carlos and he agrees to help him.

Episode 31 - Episode 31
First Aired: July. 24,2018

Catalina la Mediana gives Nachito the DNA results. La Diabla refuses a proposal. The doctor tells Hilda her presence helps bring back Carlos's memory.

Episode 30 - Episode 30
First Aired: July. 23,2018

Catalina and Santiago tell Hernán Darío that they're going back to Miami and that they fear for their daughter's and granddaughter's lives.

Episode 29 - Episode 29
First Aired: July. 20,2018

Albeiro admits that he has always been in love with Catalina but Hilda is his here and now. Zoraya escapes from the hospital and plots revenge.

Episode 28 - Episode 28
First Aired: July. 19,2018

Albeiro is confused about his feelings and can't manage to get Catalina out of his mind. He calls her but she is with Santiago.

Episode 27 - Episode 27
First Aired: July. 18,2018

Santiago receives joyous news. La Diabla meets Lucrecia. Lucía attempts to escape from her captor.

Episode 26 - Episode 26
First Aired: July. 17,2018

Lucía has hell in store for her after she is kidnapped. Albeiro reveals who the love of his life is. Yésica moves to a bunker.

Episode 25 - Episode 25
First Aired: July. 16,2018

To finalize the deal with the TEA, the prisoner will need to be extradited to the U.S. Dayana wants Catalina la Mediana's head and seduces Villa.

Episode 24 - Episode 24
First Aired: July. 13,2018

Desperate for information about El Chalo, the TEA enters into a negotiation with their prisoner, behind the Colombian government's back.

Episode 23 - Episode 23
First Aired: July. 12,2018

Catalina helps the TEA to score a huge win, but a later accusation made against her changes her feelings toward the agency.

Episode 22 - Episode 22
First Aired: July. 11,2018

La Diabla suffers a betrayal that gives Catalina la Grande a juicy opportunity. Hilda asks Albeiro if Yésica's child is his. El Titi flees.

Episode 21 - Episode 21
First Aired: July. 10,2018

Catalina avoids a shoot-out with the TEA and escapes. She feels unsafe and flees with her family. La Diabla orders Calvo to kidnap Albeiro.

Episode 20 - Episode 20
First Aired: July. 09,2018

Catalina takes control in order to rescue Mariana and her granddaughter from Martín's grip. La Diabla is anxious when she doesn't hear from Albeiro.

Episode 19 - Episode 19
First Aired: July. 06,2018

El Titi professes his love for Catalina. Mariana is alone with the baby and Martín comes into the mansion. La Diabla organizes a meeting with Aurelio.

Episode 18 - Episode 18
First Aired: July. 05,2018

In order to jumpstart her business again, La Diabla decides to stop the war with her enemy. Albeiro takes advantage of Yésica's absence to escape.

Episode 17 - Episode 17
First Aired: July. 04,2018

While Catalina la Grande distracts Cabras with an exotic dance, the TEA carries out the raid to find El Titi. Yésica is crazy about Albeiro.

Episode 16 - Episode 16
First Aired: July. 03,2018

Catalina goes to live with El Titi to trap him. Catalina la Mediana gives her boyfriend's daughter a DNA test. La Diabla negotiates with the TEA.

Episode 15 - Episode 15
First Aired: July. 02,2018

La Diabla orders photographic proof be taken of her latest feat, and makes a deal with Albeiro. Catalina la Grande tries to escape.

Episode 14 - Episode 14
First Aired: June. 29,2018

La Diabla returns to the ranch with an army to save Albeiro and her son from the hands of El Chalo and get back her daughter, who has been embalmed.

Episode 13 - Episode 13
First Aired: June. 28,2018

El Titi surrenders at Catalina's feet. La Diabla orders Calvo to kill Hilda. El Chalo finds out that Albeiro is at the ranch with Daniela.

Episode 12 - Episode 12
First Aired: June. 27,2018

Calvo sets out to prove his loyalty to La Diabla by following her orders. Catalina la Grande tells Hilda that Albeiro fell prey to black magic.

Episode 11 - Episode 11
First Aired: June. 26,2018

Catalina plans to capture El Titi and La Diabla. Yésica orders Calvo to kill Yamilé and bring her the child that night.

Episode 10 - Episode 10
First Aired: June. 25,2018

La Diabla stops El Cerdo from killing Albeiro and finds out that her child was kidnapped, so Calvo blackmails her. The authorities find a body.

Episode 9 - Episode 9
First Aired: June. 22,2018

Yamilé tells Catalina about the hell she endured while on La Diabla's ranch. Hilda finds out that Albeiro has a child with Yésica.

Episode 8 - Episode 8
First Aired: June. 21,2018

Albeiro, conscious but tied up, convinces Yésica to let him go. Hilda shares secrets with Catalina la Grande. Yamilé escapes with La Diabla's son.

Episode 7 - Episode 7
First Aired: June. 20,2018

The witch Abigaíl is targeted for failing to bring a dead person's spirit back to life. The spell on Albeiro is lifted.

Episode 6 - Episode 6
First Aired: June. 19,2018

La Diabla tells a bewitched Albeiro that she froze his semen and hired a surrogate. The tension between Catalina la Grande and Albeiro explodes.

Episode 5 - Episode 5
First Aired: June. 18,2018

Catalina la Grande is willing to protect her daughter. Catalina la Mediana plans to kidnap Mariana's daughter to give her a DNA test.

Episode 4 - Episode 4
First Aired: June. 15,2018

When she wakes up, Catalina la Grande sees a yellow rose with a note that Martín left her. La Diabla parades Daniela through the neighborhood.

Episode 3 - Episode 3
First Aired: June. 14,2018

The TEA appoints Tony Campana as Catalina la Grande's bodyguard when they find out that Martín, the serial killer, has escaped from jail.

Episode 2 - Episode 2
First Aired: June. 13,2018

A mother refuses to believe her daughter is dead and wants a different doctor to revive her. Mariana's daughter is born. Yésica receives a diagnosis.

Episode 1 - Episode 1
First Aired: June. 12,2018

The beauty pageant winner is crowned. An order to kill is issued. The TEA finds out that Yésica is using her sister's identity.


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