Sin senos sí hay paraíso Season 1

July. 19,2016
| Drama Crime Mystery Action & Adventure

Born into a small town controlled by the mafia, an irate young woman seeks revenge on the forces that tore apart and wrongfully imprisoned her family.


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Sin senos sí hay paraíso Season 1 Full Episode Guide

Episode 89 - Episode 89
First Aired: November. 29,2016

Hilda and Albeiro return to the ranch and Albeiro faces Diabla’s men. Catalina swears she won’t harm Diabla and Daniela in exchange for Nachito.

Episode 88 - Episode 88
First Aired: November. 28,2016

Hilda and Albeiro give the TEA agents information about Diabla. Meanwhile, she sends her men to the ranch to finish off Catalina and her family.

Episode 87 - Episode 87
First Aired: November. 25,2016

Marcial gives the TEA agents the information they need to find and capture Diabla. This is the only way the first phase of the plan will work.

Episode 86 - Episode 86
First Aired: November. 24,2016

The plan is clear: it will have two phases. Aníbal is Diabla’s next victim. Martina is in love with a trafficker and her mother gives her some advice.

Episode 85 - Episode 85
First Aired: November. 23,2016

The Maríns and their allies take a DNA sample from one of Diabla’s victims and then make a key decision. Titi and Gato Gordo shake on a business deal.

Episode 84 - Episode 84
First Aired: November. 22,2016

The Maríns, Jota, Vanessa and Valentina unite forces to open up Diabla’s grave. Daniela is taken over by jealousy and decides it’s time for revenge.

Episode 83 - Episode 83
First Aired: November. 21,2016

Nachito convinces Albeiro that Catalina is the love of his life. Titi goes to the hospital to visit Marcial, who is in the depths of depression.

Episode 82 - Episode 82
First Aired: November. 18,2016

Catalina and Nachito swear their eternal love. Capitan Pérez suffers the consequences of selling his soul to Diabla. Catalina’s father loses his mind.

Episode 81 - Episode 81
First Aired: November. 17,2016

Gato Gordo takes control and puts the plan into action. Diabla puts a hefty sum on the heads of the Maríns and Pipe’s mother.

Episode 80 - Episode 80
First Aired: November. 16,2016

Diabla threatens to kill her doctor. Marcial might never walk again after his suicide attempt. Gato Gardo wants to take Martina’s life.

Episode 79 - Episode 79
First Aired: November. 14,2016

The Maríns and their allies meet to make a decision. Catalina, Nachito and Valentina show their weapons and desire to fight but not everyone agrees.

Episode 78 - Episode 78
First Aired: November. 11,2016

One of Aníbal’s bodyguards becomes a murderer. A massacre is about to erupt. Adriana’s final goodbye has a huge turnout. Marcial is depressed.

Episode 77 - Episode 77
First Aired: November. 10,2016

Adriana’s burial is the perfect time to attack. Diabla orders her men to eliminate Catalina and Hilda. Aníbal negotiates murder terms.

Episode 76 - Episode 76
First Aired: November. 09,2016

Martina fools herself about Titi, who boasts he is the best narco, but his heart belongs to another woman. Nachito goes to the ranch with Catalina.

Episode 75 - Episode 75
First Aired: November. 07,2016

Diabla reappears before Aníbal’s eyes and threatens him. Nachito gives the Maríns valuable documents.

Episode 74 - Episode 74
First Aired: November. 04,2016

Nachito and Catalina dream about a future together. Aníbal accuses Nachito of a robbery. An ironic cackle turns into a clue.

Episode 73 - Episode 73
First Aired: November. 03,2016

Catalina and Valentina consider paying someone to kill Daniela, although this would mean spending all the money Catalina's sister left her family.

Episode 72 - Episode 72
First Aired: November. 02,2016

Catalina, Nachito and Valentina threaten Daniela with death but Marcial and Capitán Pérez step in to avoid a tragedy.

Episode 71 - Episode 71
First Aired: November. 01,2016

Catalina and Valentina get the weapons and start training to carry out their plan. Vanessa mourns her daughter’s death. They bury Diabla’s mother.

Episode 70 - Episode 70
First Aired: October. 31,2016

Catalina and Valentina want to avenge Adriana’s death. Diabla sees the Maríns alive. Nachito warns Daniela about her stepfather’s evil intentions.

Episode 69 - Episode 69
First Aired: October. 28,2016

Valentina visits Adriana in the hospital. Albeiro and Hilda have no idea about the explosion. Diabla wants to go to her mother’s funeral.

Episode 68 - Episode 68
First Aired: October. 27,2016

When Capitan Pérez is pressured by Diabla to find the Maríns’s remains, he creates false evidence. Pipe hides the stolen money.

Episode 67 - Episode 67
First Aired: October. 26,2016

Catalina’s house explodes. Catalina learns that Pipe left documents for Nachito. Albeiro goes crazy when he finds out his daughter has a cell phone.

Episode 66 - Episode 66
First Aired: October. 25,2016

Diabla cries inconsolably over her mother’s death. Nachito wipes the fingerprints clean. Titi is on Catalina’s trail. Pipe has a proposal.

Episode 65 - Episode 65
First Aired: October. 24,2016

Nachito wins Daniela over and convinces her to help him--she’ll be the perfect alibi. The Maríns start a new life. Mugroso continues his plans.

Episode 64 - Episode 64
First Aired: October. 21,2016

Daniela leaves her bodyguards at home, which draws them closer to Diabla's fortune. One of Hilda’s ex-cellmates helps her flee and hide in a ranch.

Episode 63 - Episode 63
First Aired: October. 20,2016

Catalina calls the neighborhood together to prevent another tragedy. Meanwhile, Albeiro recovers from his injuries. Daniela tries to seduce Nachito.

Episode 62 - Episode 62
First Aired: October. 18,2016

A call reveals an evil plan. Catalina confirms that Daniela is Diabla’s daughter. Mugroso and his accomplices stage the crime scene.

Episode 61 - Episode 61
First Aired: October. 17,2016

Diabla orders her men to kill everyone who knows she’s alive or who stops her from going home. The TEA grants Marcial and Titi supervised probation.

Episode 60 - Episode 60
First Aired: October. 14,2016

Someone unexpectedly interrupts the alleged funeral of Diabla. Daniela’s men obey and beat Albeiro. Catalina meets Titi at the cemetery.

Episode 59 - Episode 59
First Aired: October. 13,2016

Right when Nachito is ready to get Catalina back, Mugroso changes the plans. Catalina is confused, did she lose him? Did Daniela steal him away?

Episode 58 - Episode 58
First Aired: October. 12,2016

Diabla puts Aníbal to the test. Catalina hides 40,000 dollars in the house and divides the rest among her friends.

Episode 57 - Episode 57
First Aired: October. 11,2016

After finding his daughter Albeiro rejects her and will hear no explanations. Nachito admits to Pipe that he still loves Catalina.

Episode 56 - Episode 56
First Aired: October. 10,2016

Anxious to take out her implants, Catalina visits the doctor but another operation is very dangerous. Diabla confronts Octavio.

Episode 55 - Episode 55
First Aired: October. 07,2016

Diabla’s plan is a success. Daniela visits her in the hospital and becomes her accomplice. Diabla manages to fool everyone except Marcial.

Episode 54 - Episode 54
First Aired: October. 05,2016

Catalina finds her sister’s money and puts her revenge scheme into action. Marcial and his men escape from the TEA and plan the attack on Diabla.

Episode 53 - Episode 53
First Aired: October. 04,2016

Diabla concocts her next plan. Daniela escapes from the hospital and meets up with her mother. Titi takes the blame for not killing Diabla.

Episode 52 - Episode 52
First Aired: October. 03,2016

Marcial and his armed men attack Diabla’s mansion. Catalina and her friends don’t find the loot her sister left. Octavio sets up a date with Diabla.

Episode 51 - Episode 51
First Aired: October. 01,2016

Daniela makes a terrible decision to distract her father. Catalina and her friends follow the clues her older sister left about the money.

Episode 50 - Episode 50
First Aired: September. 29,2016

Catalina and her friends follow the clues from Octavio’s letter. Daniela asks to say goodbye to her mother and warns her that they want to kill her.

Episode 49 - Episode 49
First Aired: September. 28,2016

Pipe can’t bear to see Nachito so excited about saving his mother and tells him the truth. Catalina tells her friends and Jota what happened.

Episode 48 - Episode 48
First Aired: September. 27,2016

The attack on Gato Gordo’s mansion works in Catalina’s favor. A masked Nachito sees the love of his life and thinks that she slept with Gato Gordo.

Episode 47 - Episode 47
First Aired: September. 23,2016

Before sleeping with him, Catalina asks Gato Gordo for twice the amount they had agreed upon. Meanwhile, Diabla's men prepare to attack the mansion.

Episode 46 - Episode 46
First Aired: September. 22,2016

Gato Gordo plans a welcome party for the new Catalina even though she’s hurt by what they did to her. Catalina and the doctor have a heart to heart.

Episode 45 - Episode 45
First Aired: September. 21,2016

Jota and Vanessa want to escape the brothel but they can’t do it alone. With Albeiro’s help they will try to outsmart a human trafficking network.

Episode 44 - Episode 44
First Aired: September. 20,2016

The plastic surgeon has an idea for Catalina. Jota follows Vanessa and discovers her stark reality. Diabla presses Nachito to find out about Daniela.

Episode 43 - Episode 43
First Aired: September. 19,2016

Diabla and Octavio Rangel make a pact. She knows that the TEA agents are tailing her and panics. Daniel looks for Aurora, the journalist’s mother.

Episode 42 - Episode 42
First Aired: September. 16,2016

Catalina’s parents are desperate and Diabla threatens them. They pressure Catalina’s doctor to release her. Gato Gordo is losing his patience.

Episode 41 - Episode 41
First Aired: September. 15,2016

Catalina takes advantage of the opportunity to ask her doctor to stop calling her parents. Marcial visits Pelambre and they have an emotional goodbye.

Episode 40 - Episode 40
First Aired: September. 14,2016

Diabla is obsessed with the idea that Catalina the elder is alive. In order to rescue her daughter, she agrees on a 48-hour period with the police.

Episode 39 - Episode 39
First Aired: September. 13,2016

Catalina plans to take revenge on Diabla. Albeiro and his wife would give up their inheritance to get their daughter back.

Episode 38 - Episode 38
First Aired: September. 12,2016

Marcial celebrates Titi’s arrival and thanks him for his help. As a father, he spoils his daughter and hugs her for the first time.

Episode 37 - Episode 37
First Aired: September. 09,2016

Diabla gets furious and argues with Aníbal about the lawsuit. The mayor has good lawyers but she has a better idea. Daniela grows closer to Marcial.

Episode 36 - Episode 36
First Aired: September. 08,2016

Catalina is thirsting for revenge. Diabla tortures and pressures Pipe for letting them kidnap her daughter. Daniela finds out about her mother’s past.

Episode 35 - Episode 35
First Aired: September. 07,2016

Diabla and Albeiro threaten each other about their daughters. Daniela and Marcial talk about the past. Catalina is shocked by her transformation.

Episode 34 - Episode 34
First Aired: September. 06,2016

Daniela keeps trying to make Nachito fall in love with her. Later, she goes crazy trying to find out where she is and who kidnapped her.

Episode 33 - Episode 33
First Aired: September. 05,2016

Gato Gordo kidnaps Catalina to operate on her breasts. Marcial wants to off Diabla. Daniela visits her mother in the hospital and gets some advice.

Episode 32 - Episode 32
First Aired: September. 01,2016

Diabla thinks that Catalina the elder is still alive. The mayor says that the assassin survived six shots. Martina goes after Catalina.

Episode 31 - Episode 31
First Aired: August. 31,2016

Pelambre is carried out of Diabla’s house on a stretcher. Daniela provokes Catalina and gives Nachito a new order.

Episode 30 - Episode 30
First Aired: August. 30,2016

The time has come for Pelambre to avenge Catalina the elder. The mayor is furious with his wife. Diabla keeps Daniela locked up.

Episode 29 - Episode 29
First Aired: August. 29,2016

Martina gives Catalina one more day to finish Gato Gordo off. Daniel is worried that Lucía’s life is at stake. Marcial knows where she is.

Episode 28 - Episode 28
First Aired: August. 26,2016

Daniela undresses in front of Nachito. Diabla orders Franklin to torture Lucía. Martina takes a picture of Daniela with Nachito.

Episode 27 - Episode 27
First Aired: August. 24,2016

Catalina looks for Pelambre where her sister died. He still wants to kill Diabla but doesn’t have the power or men to do it.

Episode 26 - Episode 26
First Aired: August. 23,2016

Catalina finds out the hard truth about her sister and father. Pelambre asks for forgiveness. Catalina will surrender to Gato Gordo on two conditions.

Episode 25 - Episode 25
First Aired: August. 22,2016

Diabla must accept her daugther’s relationship with Nachito. Marcial wants to free Aurelio Jaramillo, imprisoned in the USA, to kill his worst enemy.

Episode 24 - Episode 24
First Aired: August. 19,2016

Catalina goes into Diabla’s ranch to find Nachito. Daniela asks her mother to free the love of her life. Aníbal finds out what his wife did.

Episode 23 - Episode 23
First Aired: August. 18,2016

Octavio sees specters and thinks that it’s Catalina the elder. Daniel, Cata and Lucía follow Daniela to see if she’ll lead them to Diabla and Nachito.

Episode 22 - Episode 22
First Aired: August. 17,2016

Pipe confesses that he was recruited like Nachito and promises to help him. Killing the colonel is Nachito’s acid test to save his mother.

Episode 21 - Episode 21
First Aired: August. 16,2016

Diabla forces Nachito to kill Colonel Herrera. Marcial promises the Santanas that once he is free he’ll give them Catalina the elder’s money.

Episode 20 - Episode 20
First Aired: August. 15,2016

Albeiro goes to the meeting and finds Jotica with a catheter. Gato Gordo asks Diabla to use her route.

Episode 19 - Episode 19
First Aired: August. 12,2016

Albeiro goes to the meeting thinking that it’s only with Jotica but there’s a surprise in store for him. Martina offers Catalina a juicy advance.

Episode 18 - Episode 18
First Aired: August. 11,2016

Catalina accepts Gato Gordo’s gift but lies to her parents. The mayor and his wife argue about Catalina’s threat. Diabla makes her power known.

Episode 17 - Episode 17
First Aired: August. 10,2016

Daniela’s obsession with Nachito makes her disobey her mother. Gato Gordo and Octavio compete for Catalina. Herrera interviews the mayor.

Episode 16 - Episode 16
First Aired: August. 09,2016

Nachito will have to pass Diabla’s test to free himself from her punishments. Herrera rebels, and Diabla blackmails him.

Episode 15 - Episode 15
First Aired: August. 08,2016

Nachito gives in to Diabla’s request in order to protect his mother. Jotica gets the Santanas’s house back. Hilda holds the key to her fortune.

Episode 14 - Episode 14
First Aired: August. 05,2016

Nachito is threatened by Daniela and has to accept Diabla’s requests in order to protect his mother. Martina sells Catalina’s “services” to Octavio.

Episode 13 - Episode 13
First Aired: August. 04,2016

Nachito begs Daniela not to kill him. Octavio must get the Santanas to sell him the house. They accuse the journalist of drug trafficking.

Episode 12 - Episode 12
First Aired: August. 03,2016

Catalina confronts her parents, blames them for locking her up all those years and demands that they tell her the truth about her past.

Episode 11 - Episode 11
First Aired: August. 02,2016

Two options to make dirty money tempt Catalina. The journalist visits Catalina’s parents and they leave him on the street. His life is at risk.

Episode 10 - Episode 10
First Aired: August. 01,2016

La Diabla and Colonel Herrera discuss the Cerón case. Catalina’s thirst for vengeance leads her to a bad decision.

Episode 9 - Episode 9
First Aired: July. 29,2016

The guards make Catalina sign a document saying she wasn’t physically or psychologically abused. She vows she’ll get revenge on Diabla and her goons.

Episode 8 - Episode 8
First Aired: July. 28,2016

Diabla gets the Marín Santanas and Nachito out of jail before the journalists and authorities show up. Then, she hires a hacker.

Episode 7 - Episode 7
First Aired: July. 27,2016

Nachito signs the documents without knowing what they mean. Albeiro admits his guilt. A journalist investigates the case and accuses the mayor’s wife.

Episode 6 - Episode 6
First Aired: July. 26,2016

Tired of being abused in the jail, Catalina is pushed to her limit and tries to defend herself. Dr. Rico loses his job for helping her.

Episode 5 - Episode 5
First Aired: July. 25,2016

Catalina escapes from the hospital but her freedom is short-lived. Diabla knows that the marriage certificate gives Hilda right to Marcial's fortune.

Episode 4 - Episode 4
First Aired: July. 22,2016

Catalina’s punishments at the correctional facility push her to the limit. Daniela asks to have Nachito freed and they hire him as her bodyguard.

Episode 3 - Episode 3
First Aired: July. 21,2016

Daniela and Diabla get their way and Catalina’s family and boyfriend are arrested. An emissary steals an important document from the Santanas.

Episode 2 - Episode 2
First Aired: July. 20,2016

Catalina breaks her family’s rules and crosses the line her mother spoke about so often. Martina has to convince Catalina to operate on her breasts.

Episode 1 - Episode 1
First Aired: July. 19,2016

Hilda Santana visits her child’s grave and receives some terrible news. When she gives birth to a girl, she calls her by her eldest daughter’s name.


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