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Aladdin (1992)

November. 25,1992
| Adventure Fantasy Animation Romance

Princess Jasmine grows tired of being forced to remain in the palace, so she sneaks out into the marketplace, in disguise, where she meets street urchin Aladdin. The couple falls in love, although Jasmine may only marry a prince. After being thrown in jail, Aladdin becomes embroiled in a plot to find a mysterious lamp, with which the evil Jafar hopes to rule the land.


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I'd heard about this film after seeing Beauty and the Beast, and this, along with that aforementioned film, are my runners-up for my favorite Disney films. The top winners (in my opinion) are Mulan, The Lion King, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Not only do we get Robin Williams (in one of his best roles along with Mrs. Doubtfire), Gilbert Gottfried (this movie was the first time I'd heard of him), Scott Weinger (Candace Cameron's TV boyfriend from Full House); we also get voice veterans Jim Cummings (of the many 1990s cartoons) and Frank Welker (G1 Megatron).I did not pay much attention to the Middle East before this film and even though there is some misinformation involved, it's still a somewhat accurate portrayal of the old days in that part of the world. The original Aladdin story took place in Western China (which I later learned has a large Muslim population) but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of the film. But hey, if you want a dose of the 1990s era of Disney this is one of the best. Take a good, long look.

Jesper Brun

I like this movie a lot, because it does something for a Disney animated classic, which still holds up: The comedy! Well, I have listed the great stuff in the headline, but let me just for a moment say about the comedic aspect of this movie. Casting Robin Williams as the Genie was brilliant. In many of the other classics fro Disney I have grown a little out of the comic sidekicks, but not the Genie! Moving on to the other stuff. Jafar is also a great villain with just the right amount of slimy arrogance to his voice and also a devilish sidekick of Gilbert Gottfried! Brilliant! The only issue I have is the Arabian and setting and Aladdin's dialog. He is a likable character, but once in a while his cool guy attitude is a little distracting, but it does not ruin the movie. You know the songs, they are just memorable and catchy. No more, no less. The visuals are also pretty amazing. Watch it, you won't be disappointed.


Aladdin is a thoroughly entertaining film, with the theme of being "trapped" resonant across all demographics. This is probably the funniest Disney film of the '90s, with a large part of that owing to Robin Williams' ostentatious genie. The incessant references might date the film a little--in fact, I believe Aladdin may be the first children's animation showcasing the trend of gratuitous pop culture references for the sake of a knowing laugh--But I digress, for the movie does manage to find comedy in other places too. Jafar, for example, is probably the perfect Disney villain: sarcastic, maleficent, and creepy as all hell. He inspires most of the action scenes, which are exhilarating and suspenseful mostly because they have a sense of real urgency; Aladdin doesn't just slip out without having a few (or 10) close calls. Many people have complained about Jasmine and Aladdin being bland stock characters, but I don't see that, especially for Jasmine. She was probably the most autonomous Disney princess at the time, and she has grace and charm without being simpering and dependent. All of the characters here are entertaining; even the notoriously grating Gilbert Gottfried as Iago garners quite a few laughs. The two leads have a palpable chemistry, and are given a classic ballad to develop their relationship ("A Whole New World" is the best song here), but given Jasmine's obstinacy, could have been given a little bit more time to grow realistically, in my opinion. The short duration of the wooing doesn't impede our ability to see the characters having a happily ever after, though. The ending is saccharine, with the villain getting an ingenious comeuppance and everyone getting their dream's fulfillment, including the Genie, in a surprising show of compassion for a movie that largely focuses on making one's own dreams come true.The music is also witty and exciting, but isn't as eloquent or stirring as Beauty and the Beast's soundtrack. However, Aladdin's engaging action, characters, and story more than make up for this. Aladdin is a classic tale that'll make you laugh and gasp (it's too sweet of a film to elicit a full on cry), and it definitely deserves a place in the Disney hall of fame (or your movie collection).


This is part of the Disney winning streak of wonderful animated films. It is the familiar story of the young boy who finds a magic lamp that allows him to converse with a genie. What an amazing choice for the genie as Robin Williams struts his stuff. The genie is the star of this show, but a good villain is also thrown in there. As they battle Jaffar, Aladdin is forced to use all his resources to become what he was intended to be. He must somehow become worthy to marry the princess. He is seen as a poser because of his humble upbringing. He woos her with the song "A Whole New World," which is an apt title for what he has to offer. The best animated features have an edge to them, and this is no exception. The animation is fabulous and the story is well conceived.