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Dirty Pretty Things

Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

December. 20,2002
| Drama Thriller Crime

An undocumented immigrant finds a human heart in one of the toilets of the west London hotel where he works with other undocumented immigrants.


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Joakim Pedersen

The story revolves around Okwe, an illegal Nigerian immigrant to the United Kingdom. He drives a cab during the day, and at the front desk of a hotel at night. The acting was OK overall, but it was not impressive in any way. The accents were so bad, I couldn't understand what they were saying half of the time. The audio was fine, but the music was a bit strange. I couldn't take the actors seriously, so tense moments seemed a bit stupid. It was a weird love story in the middle of the movie, and it didn't quite fit in in my opinion. I can't recommend this movie for anyone, as it's just very plain and boring. How it was Oscar nominated is beyond me.


The movie started very confusing. I did not really understand what the movie was about until the very end. I would have no hesitation in recommending this movie for others. The main reason this movie was confusing is because of the rare accent of the characters. The accent or the pronunciation was not of the best quality. This was also very disturbing because I could not pay attention when i could not hear what they said. I think the actors did a very good job, it was great to see. It was just the plot that was not so interesting, it was hard to understand and to pay attention. The quality of the movie itself was also not so good. I know the movie is a few years old, but i think it should be mentioned.


The film is not for teenagers and up to 30. The Movie is a bit boring. There is always a problem of getting a job in the film. And it is basically about the main characters getting a passport. They are in the country illegal. so it is based on this theme. But i am not sure how to feel about the film. If you are of the old generations, you would watch this without problem. the new and younger generation would not feel like they would watch this movie. If you are into immigrants and people. you could watch his. If the people actions had more of action and feelings it would be a much better movie. I rate it 5 our of 10, I am a teenager, i don't like this content. but hey, who knows, maybe you wil. The music is good, it is placed in agood time in the scene's. it does match often.

Jens Petter Holum

I think the plot was bad. I don't know if i can say that the actors were good or not, i mostly watch action or horror so this movie was bad, but that's just my opinion. The sounds on the movie, since it was made in 2002 i understand why the sounds and the music were different than movies that are filmed today. I didn't understand, well to say it out, "shit" in the beginning. I didn't understand anything before i came in the middle of the film. Dirty Pretty things is a movie that i would like to give a rating of 4. The reason i give the movie a rating of 4 is because it was not good. It wasn't bad either, but it wasn't my type of film.