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Becoming Bond

Becoming Bond (2017)

March. 11,2017
| Comedy Documentary

The stranger-than-fiction true story of George Lazenby, a poor Australian car mechanic who, through an unbelievable set of circumstances, landed the role of James Bond despite having never acted a day in his life.


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Personally I think it's "documentary" with some funny scripts to make it lively. I'll give it 10 cause it's really refreshing and with bright side of energy. I guess what George tried to convey is a concept to live a life you want. While he was bond, he would not be like Sean Connery, he made his bond. What if he had next 6 bond movies? Do the money and fame he make worth the sacrifice he made in his life? Actually George kinda regreted letting go of bond, which is never expected,causing the end of his acting career. But because of this he found out his origin and spent a life he longed for(achievements in other field). Therefore, I respect this dude.


Was not expecting this. Although not my favorite bond or movie, I still compelled to watch this and find out why he only did the one Bond movie. Its an often funny story, badly acted sketches but ends with a sadness thinking why did he do it? What made him take these incredible final decisions? Made me a new George Lazenby fan and itching to watch again On her majesties secret service.


This is not a movie about James Bond, it is about George Lazenby. Bond isn't even brought up until 2/3 through the movie (not counting the intro). With that aside, this is a pretty good movie. George Lazenby is very amusing, and most people will at least get a few laughs out of this. Most of the movie follows his love life and if you are looking for a movie about his love life then you're in luck, but if you're looking for a bond movie then look somewhere else.


With the myriad of stories floating around about Lazenby's decision to quit Bond, this appears to be the truthful version - reinforced because of Lazenby's truthful and genuine telling of his story. His reflection on the Bond days in both rare interview footage from the time, coupled with the reflection of his love for Belinda, rings true. The only downside? Aside from Jane Seymour's casting, the rest of the ensemble during the re- enactments are woeful. Lawson proves he isn't cut out for biopics (again, mind) and Clementi extends her soap opera acting here, disallowing the audience to buy into their relationship. The actor playing Saltzman created a cartoonish depiction of the producer; the portrayal of Hunt was less intrusive, but not necessarily good. Negativity aside, it was excellent to see clips of the Bond films and interviews interwoven, as well an excellent score underpinning the visual content (with a welcome appearance of the Bond theme). Informative and honest, funny and warm. But a little disappointed by some of the acting.