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Red Shoe Diaries

Red Shoe Diaries (1992)

May. 16,1992
| Drama Thriller Romance TV Movie

A man grieving the loss of his fiancée discovers a diary she kept that details a side of her he never knew. In an effort to understand, he reaches out in an unusual way by placing an ad asking for women’s diaries and hearing their stories.


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Although David Duchovny is a talented actor, Billy Wirth's portrayal of Tom should have earned him top billing. In my opinion, his acting ability and incredible good looks overshadowed the other actors. Zalman King did a fine job of directing, as evidenced by his ability to make an explicit movie tasteful. However, it is difficult to understand how Brigett Bako's character could seriously reject Tom, especially after stalking him.


My husband says I am way too picky about movies and maybe I am. But, for some reason this movie really gets to me. It's kinda like Bridges of Madison County, but with a highly erotic twist. Maybe I love this movie because I know what it's like to be with a nice guy who is so in love with you (and you love him), but there's this BAD BOY who draws you in like a sexual magnet; and it tears your heart having to choose. Not being able to choose between her two lovers, Brigitte Bako (Alex) decides to end her life. Did she leave her diary behind for Jake to find? I wonder. Anyway, if you like erotic movies where someone is torn between two lovers, then this movie is for you. If you think those kind of movies are CRAP, then do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!! In general I don't think guys would like this movie. I, however, have always loved this movie and have waited for years for it to come out on DVD, and it finally has.


My friend Chris rented this movie expecting something along the lines of the terribly formulatic romantic/erotic ShowTime series from Zalman King. I was very surprised with this movie. A pre-X-Flies David Duchovony stars as a man still mourning over the death of his beautiful fiancee (Brigit Bako, of Strange Days). He then finds her diary which reveals a steamy relationship between her and a shoe salesman (Billy Wirth). The story is well-written and -acted, except for the stiff Duchovony.This movie deserves a wider audience, because I think people will like and identify with it. Three Stars out of Four.


This movie is the only movie that I will give a 10 to. It was an emotional rollercoaster ride like no other. It still tears me up to watch it. Very eye-opening for anyone in a relationship.